Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was robbed...i think.

To borrow a cliche blog opening statement: this weekend has taken some twists and turns for sure. Friday, when I was about to clock out for the day,  I learned that my lovely friend Ty would be deployed with the army to Afghanistan this coming week. [Tangent: Yes, I realize, I wrote back in May that she was leaving then, but she had to wait on some things. While she waited, I had hopes that my pal ol' president B. Rock would get this ridiculous war business reigned in and keep my friend and all her soldier friends home. That wish was not granted, so I guess my badass army pal is gonna go all Captain America on the Middle East.]

So...that was bad news, which was that followed by more. Somewhere between me getting some work done on my car and me buying toilet paper and body wash at wallet went missing. I predict it was taken out of my car while I was loitering in the nail polish aisle debating between nude and off nude.  The good news is my debit card was on me, so my hard earned money is not going for someone else's insidious needs, however that cretin now has the following items of mine:

My ID [Tangent: Unless they are 4'11, a disabled driver and smiling a horrifically unflattering smile...thou shall not pass.]
My Ipod [Tangent: This is my third stolen ipod in a row, something tells me Steve Jobs owes me some kind of upgrade. I also hope my thief really detests 90s alternative, sad bastard music and showtunes.]
My Sweet CeCe's punch card [Tangent: I am upset about this one...I was two punches away from free yogurt. RAT BASTARDS!]
My favorite discontinued lip gloss from Bath & Body Works [Tangent: It was lime flavored and reminded me of vodka tonics, thus making it instantly awesome. Not only is that shizz $7, but it's no longer being sold. Stealing a no longer being produced lip balm from a girl in a wheelchair should rank just below manslaughter as far as I'm concerned.] 
I suspect this guy may have had something to do with it...

...or these fellas...

...or perhaps...

I could practically hear the "womp womp" of the sad trombones  or the chorus of that intolerable Daniel Powder song following me into Pinkberry, where I was meeting Ty and my friend Courtney before going to partake in some chick flickin'. In simple conversation with our fine young yogurt slinger [Tangent: ewww...] the deployment and roberry were peppered into small talk and he decided our days had been shitty enough, the least he could do was free yogurt. I love a sympathetic frozen yogurt afficienado...who doesn't? 

Luckily the weekend improved as soon as the free yogurt was polished off and nothing remained but a salted caramel skid mark on their eerily pristine tables at Pinkberry.  The J. Timberlake vehicle about having friends with benefits [can't quite remember the title...] was enjoyable and girl time was appreciated. I also knew I would be going to the Flea Market the next morning with my ginger...and god knows I love a rummaging through junk [Tangent: A "that's what she said" just seems too easy.].

to be continued...

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  1. You make my heart swirl, too, Kimmie. You make my heart swirl, too.


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