Monday, July 25, 2011

it wasn't "just like a mini mall," but it was rad.

The fact that I am a bit of a hoarder is something that I have never tried to hide, yet somehow I have found a boyfriend that may trump me in this area. It was actually one of the quirks that lured me in...I mean its nice to find another person in my age bracket that has a costume closet in their home. Our relationship was written in the stars.

For this reason,  of course I could think of no one better to go to The Nashville Flea Market, which I haven't visited since I was in college and stocked up on tube socks and bootleg VHS tapes. Even though it seems like the perfect date spot, the potential for ridiculous impulse purchasing increases tenfold when you unleash two junk enthused individuals, but we were surprisingly conservative with our spending. If we were grade schoolers, we would be sportin' gold stars and check plusses and all that jazz, because we kept in check our urges to buy everything that warranted an, "oooh neat, look at this." The only place we got slightly outta hand was at the snack booths, where it appeared someone had held up a vending machine refiller, stolen his wares and was reselling them at bargain basement prices. You can check your morality over possibly stolen merchandise at the door when you see 10 bags of pretzel M&Ms for $2.

[Tangent: On a personal note, ever since we decided earlier in the week that a flea market trip was on the horizon, my subconscious was drenched with the catchy song from the below...luckily I got it outta my system so I wasn't singing it all morning.]

My one regret [Tangent: Besides not buying more than one fried pie.] is that I didn't photo document the entire flea market to reveal all the ridiculous things we encountered. First off, Flea Market people are an odd breed: FACT! Both the patrons and the booth tenders have the market cornered on eccentricity [Tangent: Which is a nice way of saying crazy and/or haggard.]

Things you will see at a flea market that you may not trust:

  • Opened but not used pregnancy tests and douches
  • Vendors that look like Dog: The Bounty Hunter

  • An older lady wearing a homemade "Free Hugs" sign

  • Roll on deodorant, which I can only assume is from 1994 because where does one buy roll-on deodorant nowadays? [Tangent: I can only assume the people that wear Charlie! or Primo! perfume also wear roll-on deodorant.] 
 To be truthful though, I really cannot wait to go back next month when its not so jabenero hot outside...maybe next time I will go balls out and wear my own free hug sign and bedazzled visor.

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  1. my favorite part about the flea market video might be that-in order to show us how cool the flea market is-the last shot is of him standing alone in an abandoned parking lot. marketing WIN.


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