Saturday, July 30, 2011

make it rain?

One of my new terrible hobbies is twitter trending...I know I am "one of those people" now and I totally own up to it. [Tangent: I will admit..I was a bit of a twitter moron for about the first month I was a member, but now I have gotten the hang of it. If you don't know about twitter trending, it basically means you take inspiration form a #,or hash tag, and add to the list.]  My fella and I have made it a new past time...making up trending topics. Our first was #HipsterConfessions. Ex: I know this top looks vintage, but it's from Fashion Bug #HipsterConfessions. 

It's a stupid time suck...I'll admit- but occasionally it gives birth to brilliance after the ball gets rolling and people jump aboard. Yesterday I resurrected one of my favorite topics: Worst Stripper Songs [or #WorstStripperSongs]. I have linked to all of them below, so feel free to click on the songs so you can work on your best moves to awkwardly gyrate to.

Worst Stripper Songs 
(as determined by my twitter peeps and myself)


  1. I really need to start participating in these:

    Stripper Songs:
    "She's Like the Wind"- Patrick Swayze
    "Maneater"- Hall and Oates
    "the Devil Went Down to Georgia"- Charlie Daniels Band

    Hipster Confessions
    To save money, my boyfriend and I just share jeans.
    I do listen to one band you may have heard of before.
    I read somewhere drinking more PBR actually lowers your carbon footprint.

    Next time, I promise not to slack.

  2. omg you might have just inspired me to join twitter...maybe.


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