Sunday, August 21, 2011

breaking news: I am kind of a big deal.

So I realized today, in the midst of my sunday night "what should I write about?" dilemma, that I had not yet shared this interesting tidbit with my blog people [Tangent: I feel a kinship with you all and feel you will care about this thing that I am about to tell you...because you clearly care about the same weird shit that I find earth-shatteringly important. You may not. It's a roll of the dice I am willing to make for lack of other blog topics on the docket.] A couple weeks ago, I found the following in my gmail box: 

The name of my new followee rolled off my tongue like wet jolly rangers off a linty sweater [Tangent: Exhibit A- I am not so good with the similes today.], yet somehow it seemed oddly, albeit remotely, familiar.  Additionally, this person had hoards of devoted followers (mostly female) and he tweeted things like:

"Let it blow freely in the wind."

"If we want our dreams to come true we must wake up."

"With all the chaos throughout the world that tests our courage have faith and turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones."

Reading through his new agey tweets made me feel like I was shopping in a Successories store, but it really made me want to know more. [Tangent: How did those stores exist? All they sold was motivational posters and possibly wall calendars. They deserved maybe a kiosk at best.] His picture was too small to be sure, but he looked I googled him. 
I feel like this picture needs no caption. Its that fantastic.

sweet moto cross jacket

After seeing these pics, I realized it was better than I could ever imagined. JACKPOT: Tony Dimera, of 90's Days of Lives infamy,  wished to follow little ol me on twitter! I HAD A CELEBRITY WHO WANTED TO FOLLOW ME! [Tangent: Ok, I used the celebrity pretty liberally.] This was a first that clearly warranted a little pat on the back from me. His request came on the heels of this soap opera themed blog so in my convoluted mind- Tony Dimera was a fan of That Girl in The Wheelchair, and saw that blog as an in roads to our online friendship. 

As in most soap opera storylines, this one also has a dramatic Shamylan twist. When I went today to do a screen print proving that Tony Dimera was indeed my follower...I realized he was no longer following me. Bum bum bum... Had I offended him somehow? Or did he just lose interest like so many gents before him? The world may never know. 


  1. like sands through the are our crazy twitter followers...

  2. I bet that Stefano is somehow behind this!

  3. He's probably lost on an island somewhere anyway, or was killed by his clone twin, or something else equally fantastic.

  4. It's okay. I have a couple singer-songwriter-adorable-types following me on Twitter, and I always feel better about my chances in the world. Or, as I like to say in shorthand:

    Twitter: the Only Place I Have Game.


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