Monday, August 8, 2011


these are lungs knitted for me by my friend Rachel...they are intact.
So, today August 8th is the official lungpopaversary day [Tangent: Well, not completely...I guess August 7th was, but it was right around midnight- and I was not exactly alert and looking at my Timex that evening, so it's hard to tell.] How did I celebrate my livelihood? I worked all day processing bills...ate some Chick-Fil-A and took a two hour nap before doing some blogging. Aside from the work aspect, this day really has been ideal and there is no other way I would rather spend it...

I also had a really amazing weekend and am completely sure that I have the most amazing group of friends on the face of the planet...loud and inappropriate-absolutely, but lovely and awesome nonetheless. After Saturday,  I have also realized that my friends are a filthy pack of liars.

For the last week or so, I was assuming my "I'm glad I didn't die dinner" was going to consist of 5 people who were there with me the night I got sick [Tangent: This small group was mostly due to my own laziness. I tried to invite a couple others, but everyone was booked so I figured fate was just telling me to keep it intimate.] However, when I arrived at the restaurant, I saw a long table of about 15 people that I love dearly, from every aspect of my life {high school, family, college, work, summer camp, etc}. 
they didn't have a "you made death your bitch" I settled for a happy birthday and a creepy candelabra

the girl who put it all together.

more celebratory fun.
those balloons say "kicked death's ass" not "licked death's ass"...don't be vulgar.

Come to find out, my best friend had been scheming, with assistance from my sister, my boyfriend and Facebook, for weeks trying to put this together to surprise me. [Tangent: Also apparently when I wrote the previous blog about the dinner....all my friends who were in on the surprise, and had been lying to me about their mysterious Saturday night plans, had a minor shit fit, thinking I somehow had caught wise. I hadn't...I just wanted a reason to wax nostalgic on old episodes of Days of Our Lives.] It was complete overstimulation in the best way possible...I felt like that last scene in Big Fish where Edward Bloom is returning to the river and he passes by all those people in his life all together in one place. [Tangent: Only I wasn't dying this time, I was just about to gorge myself on Buca Di Beppo deliciousness.]
My friends are almost this random...just minus a Devito and some conjoined twins.


  1. YAY Kimmie! This is awesome; you deserve the best.

  2. i am tempted to put myself in precarious situations for such impressive balloons.


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