Tuesday, August 2, 2011

shark sandwich.

There's a lot of hysteria that I don't get overly wrapped up in. Example: Despite being a total book nerd, I was never overly into Harry Potter or Twilight or any of those things involving wizardry or corpse love. [Tangent: Harry Potter: I read 1 book for a paper, and I saw 2 movies and can't begin to tell you anything about their plots. Twilight: I tried very hard to get through all those books but the characters pissed me off and I got bored with that whiny bitch, Bella, midway through the last book. An E for effort, I say.] I don't judge others for hysteria, because everyone has their passions. Mine is reality TV shows, specifically of the "terrible human" variety, i.e. anything on Bravo. [Tangent: Take of the white wig, and stop judging me. I dare you not to get sucked into a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker.]

Around this time every year, another hysteria overwhelms my facebook feed and permeates general conversation, and it's one that I have never quite been able to get into: SHARK WEEK. Sure, they are cool animals...I guess. After all, they are the rogue badasses of the underwater community, but I don't have the kind of shark lust that makes me want to devote 1/52 of my year to them. Maybe, an hour- tops!

I think there are other underwater animals that are markedly more deserving of an entire week. Nothing would please me more than to see more platypus or narwhal programming.  A shark is just a shark, but a narwhal is like a shark/unicorn hybrid...and come on look how stinkin' cute baby platapusses (platypi?) are.

I daresay MORE badass than a stupid shark.

I could stare at this all day. So much cute.
Given that I love educational programming, I will likely watch some episode of shark carnage discovery channel style this week, but I make no promises. It's not like this is the puppy bowl...for that I drop everything.


  1. OMG...love this post. I always judge ppl who update their status 9,000x for shark week. Seriously? Are you really watching?

  2. Mob Week is on AMC this week, too. I like to imagine someone flipping back and forth between Scarface and some guy getting his legs chomped off. Just seems to go together. Especially when you take "sleeping with the fishes" into account.


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