Monday, August 15, 2011

tomato, tomato

This weekend I spent my Saturday getting a sweet farmer's tan at the Tomato Arts Festival in Hipstertown, aka East Nashville. [Tangent: Despite some of my inclinations like owning 30 scarves and dating a hipsterry gent that collects records, I can never be a credible hipster. This realization is A-OK with me... I actually don't mind conformity in some aspects. After all, I own a Taylor Swift album. I vote for American Idols. I've never been inside an Urban Outfitters. I love East Nashville, though...I really do. Dogs and lesbians as far as the eyes can see. It's a beautiful thing.] It's my second trip to the tomato fest and I had a good time. To keep with the East Nasty theme of doing as the hipsters do...some of the pictures I took for this blog were taken using a pretentious hipstamatic smart phone app that make it appear that I am a skilled photog. [Tangent: I can't be a complete hater, I love those pretentious apps.]

So what do you do to festively celebrate tomatoes in the arts? Well, I drew inspiration from my favorite movie involving  strawberry festivals, John Leguizamo, small town America and drag culture: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Because I had no genitalia to tuck or locals to tart up, I opted instead to simply sport some red clothing and just eat tomato-y things.
some boys in dresses gearing up for the "Red Hot and Wild Strawberry Fest"
a girl in a dress at East Nashville's Tomato Arts Festival...practically a mirror image, no?
In the above picture I am eating tomato sorbet from the very adorable Jenni's ice cream. I tasted it with no intention of making the commitment to an entire cup, but that shit was delicious! [Tangent: I assumed it was gonna taste like pureed salsa mixed with heavy did not.] It was mixed with cucumber (yes!), lime (yes!) and port wine (yes!), which theoretically sounds like the worst strong stomach incarnation ever, but was legitimately yummy. The only downside was the afterburp, which was like pasta sauce, which was a little jarring. [Tangent: I know that is likely an over share, but this is my blog and that is what I do best.]
yummy melted bad burp sorbet
I was so busy ingesting dairy in blistering heat that I completely neglected to check out one of my highlights, the redhead pageant. Yes that's right; a bunch of gingers on one stage...It's like a Kimmie dream come true.
an artist's rendering of what the pageant looked like, since we couldn't find it.
or maybe this?
I secretly think my ginger hipster male counterpart purposefully distracted me with delicious thematic desserts, because he knew I might throw myself or my undergarments onstage during the ginger pageant. Either that or I would have peer pressured him into entering. Come on... in those Jewish old lady sunglasses, he would make a pretty pretty tomato princess!


  1. every year i'm somehow already committed to something on the day of tomato arts. i want to go so bad!

  2. Is it just me, or does that Famous Ginger Chart remind you of the Thom Yorke Dance Moves Diagram?!


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