Tuesday, August 9, 2011

you readers be crazy

For some unfathomable reason, some of you readers love hearing about the goings on aboard by Blogger stats page, which I had previously just considered good, clean narcissistic fun for me. If you haven't read about it before, the stats page shows me what sick bastards you all really are. The following search terms have somehow led googlers to my little web page over the last month or so.

anime couple kissing from the waist up

Sweeney Todd killing

creepy facial hair

toilet paper jokes

picture of a fat bald girl in wheelchair eating pizza
toilet-office combo
lenny kravitz hair
meth heads
dharma and greg wallpaper
moron in a mascot
rebecca black Friday checklist
bacon orgy

fat kid anime costume

macho man shemale pep rally

When you read all these out of context, I think one gets the wrong impression of my witty, informative musings. One might instead think I am auditioning to be the next John Wayne Gacey. I am not. My murderous creepy tendencies are slim to none. I promise. However, I do wanna see what a fat kid in an anime costume is all about...


  1. One of the top search terms for the ol' goog is "What is the meaning of life?" We are so freaking screwed.


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