Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my 9/11 blog post...4 days early.

i really am excited I get another excuse to use this photo.

Today I was feeling less than stellar so the majority of my day was spent watching every movie that cable had to offer and watching a marathon of The Millionaire Matchmaker [Tangent: This show is completely despicable and based on gold diggery, but I cannot not watch it if I see it on. My Pavlovian response when hearing Patty Stanger say "Meet my millionaires!" is being completely useless for the duration of the day. Watching it also proves that maybe a haitus from reality TV is needed because twice during this week I have identified women in the dating pool as being former America's Next Top Model contestants. I wish I could say this was the first time I have cross referenced fame chasers, but it is only one more in a series. Clearly, I need intervention.] Other than absorbing all that Bravo has to offer, I watched some things that were not targeted at gays and rich old ladies. In my flipping around,  I noticed that the 10 year anniversary of September 11th had begun on nearly every channel.

one of the few tasteful images I could find when I googled 9/11 pics.

Because I like to completely rip off every other media source, I decided to blog about where I was/what I was doing on September 11, 2001. At the time, I was less than a month into my first year in college and was at my apartment's kitchen table cramming for a psychology test. [Tangent: My professor looked a little like an overly self-important Wario if I remember correctly...but that's not really principle to this story.] It was early still, but all of the TVs in the house were on Nickalodeon because my morning attendant, that had helped me get up and dressed for the day, brought her son with so I traded in a morning marathon of Saved By the Bell for something more 4 year old appropriate. When she left, I hadn't bothered to change it given that I knew I should focus on learning who the hell Phineas Gage was and not rewatch the Buddy Bands episode of SBTB for the 587th time. As you know, Nickalodeon and the Disney Channel were the only channels not interrupted by news briefings.

The phone rang and it was my roommate Andraea's father, who when I answered the phone just said, "It's a crazy world out there isn't it?" Like a dumb ass, not knowing what he was referring to, but not wanting to seem ignorant, (kinda like when you run into someone at Target who recognizes you and you don't recognize them), I just answered "Sure is, Mr. LaVant." He got quiet, so I remember asking him what he was talking about. He explained that a terrorist had attacked the twin towers. My ignorant 18 year old response, "didn't that happen like 10 years ago?" [Tangent: That's not completely ignorant...the World Trade Center had been bombed when I was in elementary school, I should get some credit for being so on top of current events at such a young age.] He then went into the details, but I still had no concept of the enormity of it all. I passed the house phone off to my roomie and flipped the TV to the news The images were horrifying [Tangent: I won't bother reposting them, because they are engrained on our memories.] 

I went about calling my own perpetually CNN'd father to get to the bottom of things. As soon as dad picked up the phone, I barraged him with questions and asked him why on earth he hadn't alerted me about this. [Tangent: I love my daddy, but he is one of those guys that sends you news clippings in the mail and will call you at work to tell you that a package came for you. I am clearly of his lineage, because he is an informant by nature.] He filled me in on some more of the details and confirmed that I wasn't completely misinformed, that this was not the first time the towers had been targeted by crazies.

My class was about to start, so I hustled on to my exam even though I still wanted to know more about what was going on. I'm pretty sure the class was only 2/3 full, but the test went on as planned. [Tangent: I told professor was Wario.] I remember distinctly heading right back after the test, calling my brother in Pennsylvania on the way back to my apartment because I had heard one of the planes crashed there. After running through a mental list in my head, he was the only person I knew who may in some way be affected. Thankfully, he wasn't. I was lucky.

The next few days were laced with candlelight vigils and on campus meetings addressing things like potential gas crises and whether college campuses would be the next target. As hard as it was to be on my own for the first time ever during a time like this, it was an amazing time to be taking journalism classes. Everyday we discussed the events in details and furthermore talked about the coverage surrounding it. I will also forever remember being in the Mass Communications 1010: Intro to Journalism the next day. On 9/12, one of my most idolized and most difficult professors, Dr. Kimbrell delivered a heartfelt "sermon" [Tangent: I loved listening to that man speak. His lessons always seemed more akin to that than a lecture.] about waiting all day to talk to his daughter, who lived in New York and had walked across the Brooklyn Bridge with a group of other New Yorkers after the events at ground zero.  Ten years later, hindsight is 20/20- I wish I had the memory to recall his phrasing or forethought to scribble down some of his words of wisdom that day, but I can't forget the way I felt afterward. He reassured us that the eagle would fly again and I'm pretty sure got some applause and tears from this humbled American.

Yep, it is a pretty crazy world, Mr. LaVant.

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  1. It is a crazy world. I think the key is just being thankful for the life we have while we have it.


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