Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a.r.e. you familiar?

one of my happy places.
Usually I use this blog to draw attention to pertinent issues like how cool it would be to have a bathroom/office...but today I thought I would talk about something that is actually very important to me...and something I just realized I have NEVER discussed in this forum. [Tangent: It boggles the mind that I have thrice addressed the absurdity of woman's Halloween costume options, yet have never delved into a topic that is close to my heart...I think that's just the Kimmie way.]

About a month ago, I took a day off of work and spent a long weekend tie-dying and pontoon boating and getting mosquito bitten at summer camp. To be completely trite- it was fantastic.  The weekend camp was a trial run for a We A.R.E family Summer Camp helmed by the new nonprofit Alliance for Recreation Empowerment or A.R.E. The other unique thing is that all campers have some varying level of physical or mental disability, and each of the children or young adults is partnered with one or more personal counselor to help with everything they need.  I have grown up with the masterminds behind this nonprofit, and am really excited that these same sweet people are getting a chance to gain full control over giving kids the best week of their lives.

Sometimes its easy for kids with disabilities to live in a plastic bubble, but A.R.E. will throw those same kid glove treated kids onto a boat for the first time, and treat them like people first. Those indoorsy kids get a taste of being outside and getting dirty in the most kids do. It also gives them a sense of comraderie and a family, who offer support the other 51 weeks out of the year as well.

...and if you haven't seen this precursor to's both inadvertently hilarious and heart-wrenching in its dramatic '70s glory.
Despite being 100% volunteer for the staff, including medical staff, [Tangent: Did I mention these people are quite possibly the most amazing people you will encounter?] costs are still incurred by renting the fully accessible campsite, food and other necessities to make the week run flawlessly. This weekend they are having their first big fundraiser so I wanted to let you all know the details.

Cruise for Camp

October 8, 2011

Registration begins at 10:30am

The Route:

  • Barefoot Charlie's, Hendersonville
  • Southside Bar and Grill, Gallatin
  • Shady Cove Marina, Castalian Springs
  • Coach's Eastgate Grill, Lebanon
  • Anchor High Grill, Hendersonville

The Details:

  • $20 per hand, $10 per additional hand
  • 50/50 split at each stop
  • Live Entertainment and raffle at the last stop (Anchor High)
  • Registration begins at 10:30am at Barefoot Charlie's
  • First bike out at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • For more information, call Ron at (615)766-7185
  • Rain-out date: October 9, 2011

I encourage everyone to get involved and give some money, time or donated items to this organization. It's a good one and I don't lie.

For More information on A.R.E summer camp visit or email


  1. I was so happy when I heard that they are bringing back camp! I never really heard the story on what happened with MDA but it's so great to see all the picture of everyone at Camp Discovery again! I miss that place!

  2. I am in awe of you, Kimmie Jones. You A.R.E. the bombshell.

  3. Great folks, indeed. Enjoyed meeting them at your Lungiversary.


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