Sunday, October 30, 2011

audio ninjas

I have a lot of nonsense on my ipod...I'll admit it. It's like playing Russian roulette when you hit the shuffle button. I'll be sitting in my office, doing the white girl stationary shuffle, listening to artists deemed "credible" and "talented" then WHAMMO! I'll be completely blind sighted by the Growing Pains theme song, [Tangent: Yes, I own it...jealous?] or some other song that I am not so proud to have living in my Itunes.

My usual inclination is to immediately skip that song and move on to the next possibly horrifying or amazing song, but occasionally the songs earwig into me and I will be 2 min and 32 seconds in before I realize I am listening to One Night in Bangkok off the Chess soundtrack. [Tangent: yeah...that's bleak. "Bangkok! Oriental city!" Why do I have this song??] I call these songs audio ninjas. They are very stealth and make you start head bobbing until you realize what it is you are listening to [Tangent: This is not to be confused with a guilty pleasure song like Party in the USA...those songs are slightly more understandable. I am talking about the songs you have been meaning to scrape from your itunes for months, because it was clearly a mistake, a nostalgic goof or drunken download in the first place.]

My biggest audio ninjas:

Invisible by Clay Aiken [Tangent: I downloaded this horribly creepy tune to dominate my friend Turin in a bad song mix tape battle. I blame those battles for a great deal of the bad music in my collection...but not all of it. I must take full credit for New Kids on the Block's Greatest Hits album.]

Mr Roboto by Styx [Tangent: This song is like 6 minutes long, and I generally get 4 minutes in before I rip out my ear buds and question my existence.]

Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse [Tangent: It's hypnotic and I have no idea below to fall into the aquanetted man jewelry vortex.]

The entire Neil Diamond Christmas album
[Tangent: Hearing the Jewish Elvis throw down to some little drummer boy must really mesmerize me because I repeatedly get bewitched by Mr. Diamond. I blame my friend Josh for emailing me all these tracks to combat my Christmas blues last year. Its the gift that keeps on giving.]


  1. My earwig/earworm/audio ninja today was the "Put A Banana In Your Ear" song from the Charlie the Unicorn video. I let my kids watch it and now I can't stop singing it. It's painful (but so effing catchy).

  2. i don't really "Shuffle All". i Stonewall audio ninjas.


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