Friday, October 14, 2011

baby! baby!

I have a tinge of baby fever [Tangent: Cool your jets and let me finish my sentence] not because I want one of my own at this moment but because within the next month and a half, I WILL HAVE A NIECE! [Tangent: I know...I know...I haven't blogged about this yet. It's been hard, but I think my brother and lovely SIL were trying to keep it on the hush until she got good and cooked to optimum cuteness.] I am semi in love with this yet-to-be named child, but I can assure you she will be gorgeous! How do I know...
she's smiling!

Previous to receiving the above picture message last week, I thought 3D ultrasounds were terribly creepy. Most I had seen plastered on Facebook or thrust into my hand by an expectant parent always seemed a bit alienish and had a Sci-Fi air about it...but now I am a fan. I am excited to see what she will look like.  My brother is very all American [Tangent: blonde eyes...super Aryan] and his wife is all gorgeous and exotic, so this kid is gonna be genetically superior to any and all of her peers. I imagine she will be the female equivalent to Mason Disick [Tangent: If that name doesn't immediately ring a bell, you are not as big a tool as I am. Mason is Kortney Kardashian's son who is half Armenian and half my sweet niece will be. It's a pretty winning combo!]
so much cute...just ignore kim. barf.
So in closing, I believe Amy Grant can best some up my mood about this my first niece! It was also my favorite song in 3rd grade...thank heavens my taste has improved. [Tangent: Who am I hasn't. I have a John Denver album.]


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