Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today, despite hearing from various meteorologists that Middle Tennessee is undergoing glorious weather, I have remained indoors feeling like a hot sack of wet garbage, if that wet garbage had a really scratchy sore throat and hurty lungs.[Tangent: yes...hurty.] While drinking my weight in Sonic milkshakes, I decided to take comfort in one of my favorite Oscar contenders, Can't Hardly Wait.

I have loved this movie since seeing it in theaters in 1998 at the now non-existent Cool Springs 10 movie theater. [Tangent: But only today did I realize that Jason Segal is the actor playing the stoner who says, "He has hair and wears t-shirts sometimes." This revelation seriously made my week. Obviously, I am easy to thrill.] From the fact that Amanda quotes Jewel's "I'm Sensitive" in her yearbook to Kenny's Jnco jeans- everything about this film reminds me, and potentially everyone else in my age bracket, of the late 90s high school experience. Upon seeing it again, I was reminded of my deep crush on one Mr. Ethan Embry [Tangent: I remember being a little girl and being totally smitten from the moment he came on the screen in Dutch and then lusting after oddball Mark instead of moody AJ when I repeatedly watched Empire Records. I realize I am pushing 30, and the word "crush" being used by someone above legal drinking age is obnoxious- but it is what it is.]

a butt-cut and glasses!?!? swoon.

Not long ago, my boyfriend told me that people used to tell him that there were things about him that were very Embry-ish. I nodded along, but kinda thought it was like when an acquaintance told me 10 years ago that I was "exotic"- it was something I wanted to believe so it stuck with me longer than when people tell me that my voice in "unpleasant" or my skin is "pasty".  However, after watching Can't Hardly Wait with fresh eyes, I have assessed that my boyfriend IS Ethan Embry's character- the sometimes awkward yet adorable quirky ginger who is sometimes overlooked due to most young ladies' inclination to chase ass holes instead of the nice guy right in front of them. He even dresses like him...

my gent would wear this...and probably has.
I would like to thank Mr. Embry for inadvertently causing me to date my boyfriend. Thirteen years ago, he set the standard for me of what was desirable in a mate. Anyway- I promised myself I wouldn't use this blog to gush about my boyfriend [Tangent: Even though he's worthy.], but I had to do it this once, as a public service to encourage all ladies to not overlook that nice guy who "has hair is kinda tall and wears t-shirts sometimes."


  1. do you know me at all?! Mister HHiKTaWTS is totally my type!

  2. hilarious, I remember watching this thinking this is what high school will really be like. gross


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