Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ghost catchers?

this is upsetting to me.

Confession: I totally believe in a I have seen a couple [Tangent: I see you slowly backing away and judging me. Judge all you want. I have the undead on my side. You can't compete with that.] or at least felt completely creeped out in their presence. Fret not,  I don't have lengthy chats with them like Haley Joel Osment and I don't seek them out [Tangent: I can't help it if they like me.]...until now.

This weekend, my sister, who is more of a paranormal enthusiast than I am (possibly due to her crush on one of the guys on Ghost Hunters) [Tangent: It's weird that my sister loves ghost stories so much, because oddly enough, she almost didn't go see Pirates of The Caribbean because she feared it looked too scary.] was in town so I decided to do something I have wanted to do for years and take her and my ginger on a Nashville Ghost Tour. I didn't know what to expect other than a walk around downtown with some guy in period clothing and a lantern and learn about the freaky stuff that's happened in these hallowed streets. [Tangent: Let it be known that maybe a Saturday night wasn't the best day to take the tour given there were a few distractions. The Preds game was letting out and there was the the smattering of people still ardently (or at least recreationally) "occupying" Nashville. Also, eat beforehand...we got super hungry and began to wish there was a haunting at the Subway sandwich shop or that the hot dog cart was bewitched.]
this exists on the internet, btw.
It was fun, and our fearless leader, despite appearing to be 17, really seemed to know his shit. Some of the stories, like the one involving the architect being buried in the columns of the state capital, were familiar do to thrice taking Tennessee history...but some were new, like the one about the old Rainbow Room owner, Skull Schullman haunting Printer's Alley after his murder. [Tangent: Little known/seemingly unsurpising fact: Printer's Alley was once a red light district. For some reason several people brought small children on this tour...and I hope that led to a lot of questions. Kids have to learn about the sex trade at some juncture.] The tour guide told us you can still smell his stetson cologne sometimes, which Kelly and boyfriend said they smelled. [Tangent: To be fair, we were in Printer's Alley and it could have been a patron of The Brass Stables stumbling out after nude karaeoke.] My sister, being that she is a burgeoning TAPS member, wanted to take pictures and dissect them later with my phone. Most photos were less than thrilling and looked not dissimilar from those I took when my 4th grade class took a walking tour of Nashville....but one once the doorway of Skull Schullman's old club proved interesting once I blew it up.
do you see it?? If you stare at it like a Magic Eye, it literally looks like a ghost...and not an apparition, it looks like this...
Ok, I could be totally blowing it out of proportion, but it was the closest to a supernatural encounter we had all night...other than a tranny in jorts and a Predators jersey.

P.S. One more need this in your life:

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  1. i am so glad the pumpkin sexydance found its way in to a [loosely] related blog post. i knew you'd opt for the "tik tok" variety.


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