Thursday, October 6, 2011

obama and me: bff?

I try not to use this blog to air my political beliefs, because frankly I would rather ramble on for paragraphs about Saved By The Bell episodes, but I had to share this ridiculous occurance that happens weekly in my gmail inbox...and it all happened because in 2008, I really wanted the following t-shirt:[Tangent: Please understand I friggin' love tshirts and have tons that I will likely never wear because my life is pretty business casual!]
see...pretty sweet shirt and riles up the Cracker Barrell clientele

To get this lovely blouse, all I had to do was sign 85% of my daily email intake over to, which seemed like a barter I was willing to make 3 years ago. [Tangent: As stated before, whoring myself out for free merch is not a new thing. When I was younger, I really wanted some free dog tags, so I sent away for more information from an ad for the US Marines on TV. After saying "no thanks" to the  recruiter who religiously called me for the 4 months following, I finally explained that I was not what they had in mind when they said "the few, the proud." Combat zones are generally not ADA compliant. I never wore the dog tags.] After years of ignoring the SPAM I am sent from them, I have started embracing it because they make it seem so personal. 

It can't help but catch me off guard when I get emails like these: 

These emails are not really a thorn in my side... instead they make me smile everytime. Even though I know that they are not actually the ones hitting the send button, I like to think B. Rock is disappointed that I never showed up or that Michelle is sending me adorable videos like this.


  1. HA I got the same email and was like "Barack, I know we're BFFL and all, but I'm taken!"

  2. The answer is yes, Obie. The answer is yes.


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