Monday, October 10, 2011

triumphant cripple, inc.

I rarely go to movies anymore...partially because I was spoiled by a decade of getting in free, and now I have to pay. I'm cheap by nature, so this paying for movies doesn't quite jive with my lifestyle choice. Ce la vie. However, I have plans to take my faux niece, Charlie, to go see Dolphin Tail in the near future...because its the story of a differently abled sea creature, and as this sweet 7 year old has mentioned, "The dolphin plays himself." [Tangent: Thank God... It would have been an asshole move to amputate a dolphin's appendage for the sake of realistic film making.] Also Morgan Freeman, who I believe to be a deity, is involved and I buy whatever he is selling, even if it were meth or palazzo pants. [Tangent: Both equal in criminality.]

This is not a rarity that I see movies like this, even if they are potentially terrible and/or aimed at the Kirk Cameron set. Setting my street cred aside for a moment [Tangent: I don't have much.], I will say "I love a triumphant cripple movie!" [Tangent: ...Nearly as much as I enjoy a racially charged inspirational sports film.]

Triumphant Cripple Movie /noun/: Any movie where the protagonist is some kind of disabled badass.

Movies that fall into this category:

 Mac and Me

Finding Nemo
see...he was gimpy. 

The Bone Collector
a quadriplegic that kills a biting him. you're welcome.

My Left Foot
love this film!
...and despite hating this movie with every inch of my soul, i gotta give it up for giving us crippled folk an action figure. Small victory for a terrible movie. 
probably not as fun to play with as GI Joe...but he has a good personality.


  1. I swear, I never get disappointed when I come here. I actually screamed out "Mac and Me!!" and I don't think that I've done that in years.

  2. it was fun to look at, and a free trip to the IMAX with my family, but otherwise, i was disappointed in Avatar for a couple reasons.

    first, sam worthington, while a bit of a hottie, is not actually in a wheelchair. thereby furthering the idea that people considered to be attractive who also happen to be in wheelchairs are some kind of pop culture unicorn. [also, i have always been conflicted about the whole able-bodied person in the role of a person with a disability thing. but that's another story.]

    secondly, the crowning joy for him was not saving the planet, or getting the hot alien girl. it was getting his "sea legs" back. what a waste of time. sends a totally bogus message: as if his life could not be complete with a disability. GAH.

    thanks for nothing, James Cameron.


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