Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I need to talk about US

Its been a crazy busy 10 days... I saw my favorite band live....celebrated my favorite holiday and saw two of my favorite people get married. Each of these things deserves individual blog posts which they will get, but in the meantime- I will just post about trashy celebrity goings on.

For some inexplicable reason, my mom started getting US Weekly. [Tangent: Apparently this happens a lot, because last year my friend Alex started getting Latina in the mail. Interesting...mostly because she's Italian and in no way Hispanic.] My mother would really prefer this wacky mix up had yielded free issues of Good Housekeeping so just puts them in my bathroom office automatically. Apparently, she could care less about the coverage of Kim Kardashian's wedding and divorce. [Tangent: And frankly neither do I. She lost me the moment she tried to make that Princess Jasmine headpiece work.] makes me shudder
Anyway- while perusing the US Weekly issues embossed with my mother's name, I decided writing captions and kickers for US must be the most fun or awful job ever. [Tangent: Yes, I know about captions and kickers...I was on yearbook in high school...don't be jealous. I will gloss over the whole Communications major thing because that will lead you to inquiries about my current occupation....which is not as glitzy as I had envisioned when I was a bright-eyed undergrad.]  I think The people that write for US are either brilliant and burned out copy editors or monkeys with keyboards.

What led me to this conclusion?

All of these items were found within a 10 page span in one issue of US Weekly. They all made me giggle uncontrollably because I imagined seeing the brainstorming sessions behind the brilliance
thanks for clarifying...

Basically, I feel I have finally reached a point where something is "too ridiculous" for me. Thanks US Weekly. This is quite a feat, because I watch Real Housewives like it is the Iran Contra Affair [Tangent: Way to reach into the vaults for that reference that will somehow temper the sentence and make me seem not as shallow.]


  1. in high school i got a mysterious subscription to cosmo girl. i wish i got one to US! whenever i feel sick i get travis to get me an us weekly to read. i love them so much.

  2. I thought that celebrities used their assistants' fingers to hold their places in their books. Now I feel like they're more like us! I like that! Wow, that Courtney and Doug... talk about a real May/December romance.

  3. i watch the Office like it's the Bay of Pigs.


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