Thursday, November 10, 2011

indominatable spirit

this is the cheesiest picture I could find to go with this blog.
So...I am extremely late to the party on Breaking Bad. Its like Weeds but with Cancer and meth and without the crappy awkward last 3 seasons and Mary Kate Olsen cameos. Its fantastic. [Tangent: This week, I discovered the Netflix app for my droid and my life is forever changed. I can watch and listen to shows whenever I wish (in bed... in a waiting room....on the toilet) so I have no excuses for not having time to watch TV.] So far I am only 6 episodes in, so occasionally I have to consult my boyfriend, a Breaking Bad fanatic, about storyline clarifications and to totally nerdgasm over plot twists. [Fact: I don't like to watch TV alone. To me, its communal. If I am physically watching it alone, I want to discuss it and share the inevitable geek out with a friend/loved one/coworker.]  

Today I had the following textchange with him about the character of Walter Jr, who is disabled on the show: 

ME: Does Walt Jr really have Cerebral Palsy or is he just a gifted actor?

J: Hmm...Let me research. Verdict: He has mild CP, but is also very talented.

Me: With an inspirational spirit? [Tangent: Its a running joke that I refer to people that are disabled as inspirational or brave or with an indomitable spirit because its been happening to me for the last 29 years of my life.]

His reply was the following life changing video:

As you that read this blog know, I am a lazy advocate. I don't like to preach...I just like to be me. [Tangent: I also throw around the word "cripple" so I am a shifty advocate at best.] I will say though that it makes me really happy to see a disabled person on TV who is actually well rounded and normal...and ACTUALLY disabled and not just slated for very special episode status.

this sums up most random wheelchair sidecharacters
Its refreshing to see someone that is well cast and one that is not going to appear tap dancing in a dream sequence. Actual triumphant cripples FTW!

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  1. "go sit down. don't help anymore!" i have wanted to tell so many "helpful" people that. i love it.


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