Wednesday, November 16, 2011

an open love letter to the brothers avett

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Dear Scott, Seth, Bobby C. and Joe Kwon [Tangent: I can't just call you Joe...doesn't seem natural]-

Two weeks ago, I was reunited with you- spending my favorite time of year with my favorite band, watching you totally tear down the walls of the Bridgestone Arena for your Halloweekend show. From completely stripped down spotlight hymns to completely spastic yet harmonic songs about murder- I am forever humbled when I am in your perimeter. Many of my friends/fellow Avett Nation inhabitants were upset that you all had moved on to larger venues [Tangent: I'll admit I was slightly saddened that you all wouldn't be shaking the pews of the Ryman again, being that it is my mother church.], but I felt proud...because your growing fan base is well deserved.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Scott reach that right peak of screamy folkness or see Seth sing "la la la la la la la" during Go To Sleep or watch Joe Kwon make the cello seem like the most sexy badass instrument that has ever been played. [Tangent: See below for proof.] Also, tears almost came out of my robot self seeing Bob back on stage after knowing that he has been on hiatus due to some serious family health dishes.  Why is it that I am so attached to these fellas?

I wish I could say I was onboard with you guys from the beginning, but I wasn't. A couple friends pulled me aboard the Avett train in the early spring of 2009, when at the age of 26, I was finally getting licensed to drive my handi-centric robot car.  Emotionalism was the first album I listened to while doing countless hours of driver's training.[Tangent: In my mind the lines "She leans to the side....leans on my mind" was referring to a girl with scoliosis. Fact: I am mildly delusional.]
DJ K-Jo on the 1's and the 2's
Within days of wearing out that album as the miles ticked off on the odometer of my sweet doo doo brown Chevy Uplander Minivan [Tangent: Don't be jealous...], I had purchased everything in your discography...and the day you all released I and Love and You, I woke up early so I could download it before work. There are days where you are all I listen to. The slippery slope from casual fan to fanatic was quickly stumbled down, I suddenly had to know everything there was out there about the band.  I soon concluded that me and Scott Avett should be best friends [Tangent: I realize he's happily married, so I won't say lovers.] because he went to East Carolina, where my dad's an alumni...and he studied Mass communications and Art. You know who else had those majors- THIS GIRL!!!

To me, your lyrics are spiritual. Sitting alone listening is my idea of going to church. The North Carolina accents remind me of being at my Granny's house outside of Fayetteville. It takes a lot to break me down into tears, but listening to your music through some really hard times have completely stripped my bitch off and allowed me to feel feelings, which I used to need a little help with. [Tangent: I used to say Tin Man was my song "I'm as worn as a stone...I keep it steady as I can...I see pain but I don't feel it...I am like the old tin man."]

Those words may make me destined for batshit crazytown, but I could care less. Once you see these boys live, you will not be able to wipe the permasmile away, while you are icing down your hands and feet from stomping and clapping so hard. Here are some of my favorite moments...

In closing, I love you, in a completely non-crazy way. I even feel like you influence in my daily life. Even the other day, my mom pointed out that my boyfriend is the gingery blue eyed version of Seth. I'll take it.

Eternally Avett-centric,


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  1. i don't know what's better: that Senator J Train does bear a resemblance to Seth, or that your Momz pointed it out. . .!


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