Monday, November 21, 2011

(un)american apparel

Groupons are one of my favorite impulse purchases [Tangent: They are heavy on the heels of Target $1 aisle items and $5 downloads as the things I easily could go broke on.]. I like the idea that you can save money by spending it. Overall, it's a fuzzy logic that I can subscribe to.

Last week, there was a Groupon available for American Apparel, I have never shopped there but liked the idea that it was half off and it could be redeemed online- How handy! All I had previously observed is that their ads on the back of The Nashville Scene were super child porny and make me uncomfortable when they are staring back up at me from the bathroom living room floor. 

[Tangent: These ads were also ingeniously parodied by a disabilities group in the American Able campaign seen here. Take something awkward and make it more awkward- I LOVE!]

Advertising is not rocket science; [Tangent: Although I would like people to think my degree was harder to wasn't.] I get what they are trying to do with your strung out models. Yes- you got my attention with your ads that look like Fiona Apple's Criminal video, but I don't wanna buy your thigh high socks or cotton tshirts for fear of venereal disease comes free with purchase. It's just an odd way to position your product [spread eagle...HEYOH!] on models that you purposefully make look 15. You are selling knit wear!

Ok, back on topic, albeit tempted to buy some overpriced hosiery, I ended up deciding against the groupon because some of the clothes baffled me significantly and made me feel either old and unhip or just super unfashionable [Tangent: Says the girl wearing a shirt off the Kohl's clearance rack.]. I just could not support the following looks:

I can only imagine that the creative directors at American Apparel had similar viewing habits as I did in the 90's.

And this dress just made me feel like a dress I would have designed with my Fashion Plates when I was 11. In fact, I think my sister wore this exact dress [Tangent: Only in black velvet, but with those same nondescript Sam & Libby flats.] to her 8th grade Christmas dance circa 1993.

I'm old...I know.


  1. NO, I love it. I won't even go in some of these places b/c I just know by the ads that I must not be cool enough.

  2. Brilliant! I'm so glad you found proof of their obvious rip-offery. I'd never seen those adds before but they're pretty skankalicious. I also love how their clothes are flippin' expensive but they barely cover one's booty and usually have no design or print. Love me some overpriced hipster clothes.


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