Friday, December 9, 2011

21st century girl

Pardon the cheesiness of this blog title, but it seems appropriate even though it shares it's name with a terrible Willow Smith song that I heard on Ellen the other day. [Tangent: I am not proud that I know more than one song by the 11-year-old who looks like a shrinky dinked version of her dad with a hip hop haircut. I am less proud that I just youtubed the music video for it, which I posted below because I giggled the whole time I watched it. I urge you to watch it for yourself and question how many thousands of dollars went into its production. Post apocalyptic children scampering around the Sahara in neon clothes talking about taking you for a ride, presumably in a Power Wheels. All good clean fun.

I've held the title of aunt for exactly 8 days, and I can attest that its been enjoyable. Obnoxiousness has kicked up into overdrive; my cubicle is now decorated with Ellie, everyone I can pin into a corner has watched the video and photos I have of her and I cannot stop buying her ridiculous baby things like witty phrase onesies and tutus [Tangent: Being that I am not the hugest fan of baby tutus, I am quite shocked with that turn of events. Previously I had thought babies that can barely stand look a little out of place in ballet regalia, but I have since changed my tune. I fully acknowledge when I am wrong. Yes, they are still ridiculous, but I don't care....I want my niece to have one, so one day she can blog (or whatever they will do in the future) about the crazy things she wore in the '10s.].

Baby Ellie needs this...

....and this.

not my niece, but wearing the ridiculous baby adornments like this one from that are so hot right now.
Since by brother and sis in law live on the opposite side of the country,  I haven't gotten to hold and snuggle that little chubby bundle of cute, so I must rely on technology. It's a strange thing to love some stranger that you have never met, and know they will be somehow bound to you. Cell phones, skype and emails have made this time so much easier. Everyday, sometimes upon request, I get a new picture and/or video. Thankfully, she is amazingly photogenic [Tangent: Already, a pro at smizing, or smiling with her eyes in Tyra Banks speak.] so I feel like this will be a lifelong thing. Via skype, I've even witnessed my brother change her diaper. [Tangent: As an aunt, its important I keep up with her bowel habits. That doesn't seem invasive at all.] I have no concept of how difficult this would have been even 20 year ago. Would my brother have to snail mail me a film strip of baby Ellie? [Tangent: I can just visualize me sitting behind the projecter and trying to coordinate the audio on the tape deck with the slides. BEEP!]

So long story short, I feel very thanful to have access to smart phone and webcams and everything that eases communication between me and sweet baby Ellie, but its unfair that I am the only one that gets to behold the beauty that is my niece. Here, I'll share...

love this face.

I imagine she was freaked out to have a lamb staring her in the face when she woke up. Its scary enough to not be in a warm dark baby hot tub anymore.

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