Tuesday, December 13, 2011

charitable bearding- I am a fan

If there are two things I love, It's charitable giving and gents with facial hair. [Tangent: I don't make a secret of this. I devoted an entire blog to the subject of pogonology.]  In the past, these two loves were mutually exclusive, but it seems someone was reading my diary and decided that these two joyous entities needed to mesh together.

Apparently its bro code that when weather turns chilly, if you are capable of growing a swarthy beard, you do it- usually this is the late fall. [Tangent: Probably reason #223984273 that the fall is my favorite time of year.] I imagine that if I were born male, I too, would do this. It just seems practical to grow your own ski mask.
If you aren't a moustachey fella and missed the Movember festivities, I encourage you to support Cancer and facial hair in another way. A fella named Andrew who formerly represented on the growing and showing biannual website Whiskerino [Tangent: This site was open to any fella that wanted to shave their face clean on November 1st and not touch it again, even the dreaded neck beard, until the final day of February. Each day a thematic picture was taken to show the progression of growth, from squeaky clean to questionably homeless. This original site was the brainchild of Nashvillians so I have additional reason to have pride in my city.] decided he wasn't ready to hang up his beard even though the official site had decided that 2009/2010 was going to be its swan song. To keep the fraternity of bearding going, he launched WhiskerinoClassic.org which asked that each person not only commit to 4 months of growth, but also a donation of $50 to help fight Leukemia and Lymphoma. The rules are a bit looser than the original Whiskerino, like you don't have to post every day and some bearders didn't start with a completely clean canvas. [Tangent: It's kind of like a golf classic where men are dragged out of retirement to putt around for a good cause. Growing whiskers and taking crazy pictures of them, although less orthodox, is markedly more interesting, but I never was a golf fan.]

Because I am a fan of fighting Cancer [Tangent: I mean who isn't?] and seeing my fella have a burly ginger beard, I was thrilled when he signed up to participate. [Tangent: He jumps at any excuse to take ridiculous pictures of himself. Its a win/win for all involved.] Not even two months in, can't imagine what dark turn this red monstrosity is gonna take. I'm excited. Have I mentioned I enjoy a good beard?


Anyway- the point of this blog is the following: What if you can't grow facial hair either by weak genetics or pressense of vagina, but would like to help.  The Whiskerinoclassic.org website has already raised $888, but wouldn't it be a nice to help them reach $1000 by the end of the year? You don't have to grow a beard to help.

Just go to this website :http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/whiskerinoclassic/2011-2012whiskerinomemorialclassic-1

Give a bit...just a few dollars to help them reach their goal. I mean both Santa and Jesus both had pretty amazing beards, that's all I've got to say.

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  1. The 3 Wise Men and the Shepherds and Joseph ALSO had beards. Scrooge probably couldn't grow one.


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