Friday, December 2, 2011

having a me party...

muppet kimmie!
Have you seen The Muppet Movie yet? No?!? What's wrong with you? I've seen it twice in a week. [Tangent: I guess you could easily turn that previous line of questioning around and ask "What's wrong with me?" Point taken.] It really is an adorable film and has affirmed my childhood Muppet love. The music was written by Bret from Flight of the Conchords, so its quirky and self effacing and thus amazing. I will not divulge any spoilers, because I want you all to see it and have Kermit and Co. oust that Twilighty nonsense from the top spot.  I will say, though, that one of my favorite songs is the Miss Piggy/Amy Adams joint, Me Party. [Tangent: Yes I just tried to integrate the word "joint" in seamlessly as if I'm guest VJing on 106 and Park. I can't pull that all. I am fooling no one.]

The song, which has weird masturbatory undertones if you are immature, has taken a one way train ride into my subconscious. I simply cannot get it out of my head.  It's such a feel good song and celebration of self awesomeness. After having a fairly great week, I have many times felt the need to sing the chorus to myself and celebrate good things happening to me!

On Thursday morning at 4 AM, my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautifully chunky 8 lb, 6 oz 21.25 inch superbaby. I love her, and I haven't even met her yet. Her names Elena (pronounced Ill-leena) [Tangent: She's fancy! I love it. Not many can slobber and be fancy. My niece can!]  and I am fairly certain she is the most beautiful child on earth. [Tangent: I may post pictures eventually, but must get the OK from new mommy and daddy. I don't want this future brain surgeon/supermodel's face being used to sell baby food in The Maldives. ] Knowing she is finally here and healthy and ready to have the best life ever makes me exceedingly warm and fuzzy and pumped to wear the hat of Aunt. ME PARTY!

Then Thursday night I went to my friend Beth's house as she had invited me over for a night of Christmas collage. Unless you count my soccer mom hobby of scrapbooking, I haven't done a collage since 2-D design in college and I soon got sucked in, completely ignoring the task at hand of making personalized Christmas card.  Three hours later, I had created this magic:

Your eyes don't deceive. That's black Jesus with robotic arm overseeing some sort of weird battle between armored cougar Betty White and Robo-Panda whilst flaming Conan and Civil War H.R. Puffenstuff watch judging Indian and some weird Carrie Underwood/Robot Hybrid go down in volcanic Ash. [Tangent: I said from the beginning of aforementioned collage that I wanted to make something that people would view as making some kind of socio political statement, but really was just something that looked "neat" and akin to the Black Hole Sun video to me. This is how I survived having an art minor. ] It is the first real/non digitized art I've made in about a year, which makes me really happy and will hopefully stimulate me to do more. You can decide if it's real art, but you can't deny that this piece screams ME PARTY! [Tangent: I mean it features a Suffragette and a monkey with a Coke can!]

That's all for now. I'm sleepy and have much more to say about both my new amazing family member and the utter out of control nature of Collage-fest. To be continued...

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  1. Man, a shout-out in a blog about collaging AND the Muppet Movie?! Time for ME to have a Me Party.


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