Thursday, December 8, 2011

hoppin' like a flea

I didn't buy this at Porter Flea, nor was it available, but I hope its demonic stare will make you read this blog.

I consider myself very lucky sometimes that my boyfriend truly enjoys the same things I do and that he will be the first to suggest going to a festival, craft fair or vintage store. If I had to feign interest in ultimate fighting or hillbilly hand fishing, [Tangent: Yes, its a thing and it makes me uncomfortable.] some of our common ground would cave in a bit.  Last weekend, we checked out the Porter Flea Market in Hipstertown (aka East Nashville). The term "flea market"   generally summons images of tables of compression socks, Avon lotions and $1 VHS tapes, but its a bit of a misnomer in this case. This was less of a flea market and more of a vintage and crafts fair featuring amazing local artists.

my mom always flips over these.

Because it is holly jolly holiday time, and as of last weekend I had bought nada [Tangent: I have since nearly finished buying on two websites in under an hour. High five for no galleria interaction and minimal effort with optimal thoughtfulness!], I entered Porter Flea with $60 cash and the intention of buying Christmas presents. I came out with 1 gift for my friend Alicia's daughter [Tangent: Potentially the easiest person to buy gifts for because on the inside, I, too, am a seven year old girl.] and several things that I just had to have. Conclusions: I am either insanely selfish or very easy to buy gifts for. To protect my rep, I claim the latter.

My boyfriend had gone to the previous Porter Flea over the summer, after being lured there by the Pizza Buds food truck, parked nearby, and visions of brown sugarry crusts dancing in his head. He came out of it with some vintage whiskey glasses and a cool space collage brag-worthy enough to make me anticipate going to this one. Disappoint- it did not. The room was set up like a hipster science fair, each table luring me in some weird eye-catching handicraft, that I felt I needed in my life.

Here are some of my purchases that I hope will inspire you to check out the next one. [Tangent: I always wished I was cool enough to helm a fashion or style blog, but unfortunately, I am not that stylish (unless you consider a Kohl's/Old Navy/Target/Goodwill wardrobe cutting edge). No one would read it. This is my lukewarm attempt to live out that fantasy.]

Nifty Gifties by This Tiny Life.

I bought these earrings for my friend's daughter. I thought they made a great "big girl" gift. Trust if I still had my ears pierced, I would have several pairs as well. [Tangent: I have gotten them done about 5 times in my life, they always heal back together if I keep them out longer than a day or two, so I have thrown in the towel on cranial adornments.] Thanks natural healing mechanism for keeping me from more impulse purchasing.

Thankfully, they also had these cute little mini broaches, and I never met a bow motif that I didn't like.

Gorgeousness by Marisol Spoon.

I'm a raging dork [Tangent: I know, you're shocked!], so I pre-gamed the Porter Flea by checking out the vendors on the website beforehand. As soon as I saw this image on the website, I instantly fell in love:
It reminded me very much of Margaret Keane and her big eyed kitchy prints in the 70s. For some reason, I was butt-crazy obsessed with her semi-eerie artwork when I was in high school [Tangent: Totally normal for a teenage girl, I promise.] These Marisol Spoon images were reminiscent of Keane's but a teench less creepy. I opted not to buy the above print because it didn't agree with my budget, and I instead got these which I am still looking for a home for. If you are crafty, I am open to suggestions.

More Avett Stuff by Boss Construction.

Fact: I only have one room to decorate and have nary a speck of space on my walls, but consistently find myself buying prints and photos and objects to hang. In my idealistic dream world,  in hopefully the not too distant future, I will have a place of my own with maybe an office where I can hang the various Hatch Prints and old art projects that deserve some real estate of their own. Either that, or I am gonna start pimping out my cubicle. Here is one more I added to the pile Saturday.
We all know that I can't turn things down when it comes to anything Avett. [Tangent: Also, I enjoy the idea of a banjo gun. It makes me much more supportive of the second amendment.]

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  1. Can't wait for next year. I won't walk there, I'll flea! {so many layers of meaning. oh-em-gee.}


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