Friday, December 30, 2011


It was the day after Christmas and the scene in my family's den was my sister and I on opposite side of the room on our laptops both on Pinterest, pinning things and showing them to each other. Due to the expense burden of the holidays and the fact that I love a good internet time suck, I have spent more time than usual learning to make fun things on Pinterest.  For those who have not yet discovered the networking/do it yourself site, it's amazing and makes me feel like Martha Stewart, which I certainly am not. [Tangent: Its the adult equivalent of kindergarten. You get a set of instructions and suddenly you are making a gingerbread house out of graham crackers and an empty Jungle Juice carton.]  After creating several idea pin boards, I felt I could sit idle no longer and I needed to harness this inspiration and create. Next thing you know I am turning over the Christmas decor so I can make a faux enamel broach out of pine cones and nail polish. [Tangent: I wish I was kidding....I am not. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I had all the makings of this seemingly simple craft...who cares that it would likely look like something shoddily slapped together by a small child. I WAS TRYING TO INVEST IN PINTEREST.]

After being unable to pull the pine cone petals off without them cracking and giving me splinters, I gave up, realizing I would never wear it anyway. I still felt good about my lofty aspirational crafts, including everything from refinishing furniture to planning weddings [Tangent: Both of these things I have no business doing.] I'm somewhat thankful Pinterest was not "a thing" when I was in college and had ample amounts of downtime and access to junk to "snazz." It was during this time in my life when I should have majored in undergoing huge projects and then giving up halfway through. 

Ex: About 6 years ago, I saw a bottle cap fish on display at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital 

Without any intended space to put this monstrosity or anyone to give it to, I thought, "huh, I could make that." so I started collecting grotesque amounts of caps. [Tangent: Not so much because I was an alcoholic but because I was a college student who had several friends that were bartenders and wished to support my delusional craftiness.] Long story short, I never made the giant beer fish [Tangent: ...not that I am writing it off as a future project.] but I used up some of those thousands of caps using a little ingenuity and caulk I made some thrifty Christmas presents. [Tangent: hehehe. Caulk. I am clearly 12 because I made caulk jokes during the whole craft day.]

I mean, who doesn't need a classy beer cap coaster, featuring even now defunct brands like Aspen Edge? Promoting drinking and furniture preservation simultaneously. Win/win! 

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