Thursday, December 29, 2011

role models: armenian edition

The other day I was on the phone with my brother in California and somehow we began discussing the Kardashians [Tangent: Seriously....this is going to be blog #189873873 that somehow mentions that family. I am not proud.] and the general Armenian opinion of them within the culture. [Tangent: Somehow I made that sound like not a ridiculous shallow topic. Amazing.] This is not completely out of nowhere, my sister-in-law is Armenian and they live outside of Glendale, CA, which may as well be called Armenia Jr. Also, I kinda think this cultural immersion has made my blonde haired, blue eyed brother feel like he is Armenian, by association. She has told me before the opinion is split, some like them are fans because they are a face of their culture....others would rather people wonder "what's an Armenian?" then somehow pin their hopes and dreams on a runaway bride famous for a big ass and a sex tape [Tangent: The truth hurts.]

Being that I am an Aunt now to a nearly one month old half Armenian baby girl, I decided I wanted my niece, Ellie, to have alternative Armenian icons to look up to besides  these folks:

Everyday I like to have a "google goal" something that I periodically research to keep my mind sane at work on breaks between batches of workman's compensation bills. Yesterday, my goal was : Noteable Armenians. [Tangent: AKA- potential role models for Ellie.] Here were my findings:

Jack Kavorkian

Steve Jobs
Princess Diana (1/64 Armenian)

Andre Agassi

Seymour skinner on The Simpsons*
(Bart and Lisa's Principal on the "Simpson's". On one episode he relates he is not actually Seymour Skinner, but actually Armin Tamzarian. The town decides to never discuss his dark past again...but apparently according to Wiki, he's Armenian.)

I will let Ellie decide which path she would like to follow in. In my heart of hearts, I hope its Raffi (with Agassi hair and Cher's Bob Mackie hookup)...


  1. No joke, every single time I watch the Dashes I feel the need to put on more make up.

  2. That's not nice, that's ArMEANian. You are welcome.


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