Sunday, December 4, 2011

steampunky brewster

Last night I went to go see my friends Fable Cry [Tangent: You might remember them from this post I wrote about a year ago.] play at Cafe Coco in Nashville. I rarely go there, because I am an old lady and rarely have the fortitude to need late night food and beverage [Tangent: They are one of the only places in Nashville to serve food and drink 24 hours that doesn't have "waffle" or "pancake" in the title...not that I mind those places in the least. However, CoCo's entrance has about 7 stairs and no ramping system, which makes them pretty low on my list of eateries.], so I only really go there to see friends perform. After having my face a bit melted by brilliant musicianship (see below for the scaled down version of what I saw last night.), my ginger and I decided our bellies were beginning to try to eat themselves and food needed to happen STAT! [Tangent: My tummy grumbles got so out of hand during the show that I considered being "that girl" at the show and trying to balance a beverage and a platter of chicken fingers on my lap while trying to dance and sing along....either that or that I would turn to canibalism. Six in one hand...half dozen in the other.]

While my fella stood in line, I camped out at a newly evacuated sticky table so I wouldn't have to sit uncomfortably close to someone who smelled of eau de jager and overused the term "man." While sitting around, trying not to make eye contact with strangers, I began people watching, MY FAVORITE! Amid the sea of Vandy undergrads, I kept getting distracted by a table of Steampunkers who were loudly discussing their distaste for the Bush administration. [Tangent: Really!?!? I mean I never voted for the guy either and am FAR from a supporter, but is that was years ago. Additionally, it is more humorous to hear the Bush-bashing coming from a gent in a top hat with steampunk goggles and a woman with a half shaved head in a corset and bustle. That's not something you see everyday. I felt they would be more apt to be rallying against McKinley or ol' Teddy Rosevelt.] 

If you are unfamiliar with the steampunk lifestyle, you are likely old and sheltered like me who, despite knowing people who kinda fit the description, didn't know the terminology until I read this book last Spring, which inspired the post featured here. Wikipedia defines Steam Punk within the following guidelines :
Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s.[1] Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain or "Wild West"-era United States—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, art, etc. This technology includes such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or the contemporary authors Philip Pullman and China Mieville.
From what I gather, steampunk is people that like the look of old timey moustaches, movies like The Prestige and fluffy blouses or like to modify old shit to look new or new shit to look old. Check out this site if that sentence made no sense to you. For you visual learners, Steampunk people usually look something like this:

c'mon...Linda Perry did it first.

While sitting there watching a woman who looked like she had stepped out of Cowboys and Aliens [Tangent: Though I've never seen it, I trust the lengthy preview.] cram her Dell laptop into a canvas tote bag [Tangent: Where was her commitment?], I made an executive decision- I wanted to pursue this steampunk thing. Given that my fella likes jaunty hats and curly staches, I ran this by him. After asking him about 101 questions about this subculture, which he knew a lot about, I asked him if he would mind ratcheting his love of odd gadgets up a few notches so we could pursue this pipedream [Tangent: Mind you, this pipedream probably had a 5 minute shelf life.] Its not such a long shot, I mean I like the Victorian Era, at least I did when I was 8. Samantha was my favorite American Girl, after all.

totally steampunk...right?!?
During this 10 minute window, when my fella and I discussed in detail our hypothetical steampunk life together, we decided to check out steam punk-ity modifications that were possible for me. Thank allah for the internet, because otherwise, I would not be aware of the following:

After falling down the rabbit hole a bit of internet searching and a lot of consternation, we agreed that  although a steam powered wheelchair seems bad ass, the emissions seemed slightly irresponsible. This whole lifestyle took too much time and commitment. Anyway, unless my boyfriend could get his hands on a fully functioning costume from The Rocketeer- he was out...
Its a shame modifying or creating your own Rocketeer suit is so expensive. With the suit, we could have forgone the whole steampunk thing and just been 90's Disney movie enthusiasts. This begs the question, would I make a better Abu the monkey or a better Mighty Ducks hockey player?

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  1. You'd think that, instead of GWB, these cats would be complaining about the Transcontinental Railroad interferring with their Time Machine performance. Get with the times, guys!


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