Thursday, December 22, 2011

such a card

Every year I get excited to do a Christmas card. Since becoming an adult [i.e. graduating college] its something I put a lot of thought into and really enjoy doing. [Tangent: Thank heavens for my half-assed photoshop skills which allow me to make my twisted dreams a reality. To all my graphic designer friends, don't call my shoddy skills out. I am grossly out of practice and my usage of the program is almost exclusively putting my face on other people's bodies.] Anyway, in 2011, I had lofty goals for creating an amazing Christmas card, but ran out of time and funds for such a project. Stamps be expensive. Completely bummed because I had a plan,  I opted to "go green" with my holiday correspondence. [Tangent: That's what companies call it when they are being cheap and/or lazy so decide to do everything electronically, so I figure that I should adopt this ecological jargon as to not tarnish my sparkling reputation.] True... it's impersonal and I love the idea of getting a card in the mail, but desperate times come for desperate measures, so I give you my card for 2011, followed by the history of my photoshop cards.
This card was inspired by this website: everything's better with laser backgrounds
I've always wanted my face in a brandy snifter...nothing classier

this is probably my favorite.

this was the result of me having A LOT of time on my hands.


  1. these are all amazing but I love you in the glass. Classy indeed... if that's not a trend at weddings asap I will quit going.

  2. I need to be added to the Christmas card list plz....

  3. The brandy glass Christmas card is still on my dresser. I use it by way of introduction for my friends who have never met you. I think it fits.


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