Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bravo, sundance...bravo.

I remember when I first started watching cable television [Tangent: Outside the scope of Nickelodeon and MTV] and started watching Bravo. At the time, Bravo was committed to the arts and showing programs like Inside the Actor's Studio or movies that made me feel pretentious and cultured. Today the channel just makes me feel a little ashamed and indulgent, while being afraid for humanity. Because of genius Andy Cohen, Bravo has become infested with things that despite being completely addictive, stray from their mission statement, unless their mission statement was deluding several of the more ridiculous Real Housewives into thinking they should start a recording career of gay club anthems.[Tangent: I still say Countess Luann's is my favorite, but Kim's classic "Tardy for the Party" easily takes second place.]

Because I have seen each episode of Real Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker and Top Chef [Tangent: So many times, in fact, that I can can match the obnoxious chunky jewelry worn by the housewife with the episode], I have decided to broaden my scope to other potentially enlightening networks like Sundance.  It was on this network which touts itself as "the best in independent film" that I unexpectedly found the wet dream for trashy reality TV enthusiasts, Girls Who Like Boys Who like Boys: Nashville.  

For years, I have been angry at producers of The Real World for never doing a season in Nashvegas. [Tangent:Why relegate that kind of programming to CMT!?!? Anyway, RW has done New York a couple times and LA a couple times, they need to branch out...and not abroad either. Shouldn't trashy television be made in America? I'm pretty sure that's the kind of virtue that old George Washington built this nation on. I love the idea that I may run into these D list celebs while I am out getting coffee or that I will be able to see people I know in the background of a drunken bar scene.] Then when the Real Housewives franchises blew outta control, I thought, "surely Bravo will tap the entitled soccer moms of Green Hills, Belle Meade or Brentwood, making my dream of Real Housewives: Nashville a reality...especially given that God-awful season in Miami."

This never happened, so thank heavens Sundance is now using my fair hometown as a petri dish for exploring the untapped territory of gay bestie-hood [Tangent: A topic I am acquainted with.] It makes me giddy to see places I am familiar being the backdrop for a show...if for nothing else so I can say things like, "Hey, I know that waiter!"
or...."Hey that's I Dream of Weenie! It's right down the street from my boyfriend...I've totally eaten hot dogs there!"

or..."Hey, that's outside Fido! I totally get coffee there sometimes and hipster watch."
So, as much as part of me is disappointed that there is no sacred space for preserving the arts, I am stoked Nashville is getting its turn for D-List infamy.

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  1. This actually might make me feel worse inside than watching ear candle videos.


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