Tuesday, January 24, 2012

keepin' it classy with pearls

All hail Jackie O, classy lady extraordinaire, who would probably never read my trashy blog. I imagine she would be too busy shopping for pillbox hats or turning the other cheek to her hubby's infidelities. You know how you know she exudes class? the pearl necklace. [Tangent: Heads out of gutters. Please take my word I am using the conventional definition.]

Today, while being sucked headlong into a Criminal Minds marathon- I realized that pearls are being exploited in a whole new way. Watch this carefully, and see if you find it strange:

Yes, those are unsexy glorified sports bras being merchandised with assorted pearl necklaces. What marketing genius came up with this idea?

I am guessing it was this woman. Look at that smug grin...it just screams, "I made this look not orthopedic by adding the most random accessory possible." [Tangent: Correction: A dickie or some oversized novelty sunglasses would have been way stranger.]


  1. Ha! I love the idea of a dickie with a bra. Why, that's almost an outfit!

    I am pissed that I didn't know that there was a Criminal Minds marathon today. I have a bit of a Spencer Reid crush. And I love it when they use the term "triangulating".

    By the way, when I was checking to see if I was spelling Reid's last name right, I came across this totally bonkers note from a "fan" named Lynn: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/criminal-minds/images/327774/title/criminal-minds-cast-photo

    1. Ahh. I love reid too. Wrote a may 2011 blog about him.

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