Thursday, January 19, 2012

leave it to bieber

the most ridiculous picture ever.

Disclaimer/Pre-emptive explaination: Even though this is now my second Justin Bieber-centric blog post [Tangent: The first indirect Bieber references can be seen here.], I wouldn't consider myself a fan, per say. Do I have any of his music on my ipod? No. Can I name more than 2 of his songs? No. Did I voluntarily Netflix and then sit through Never Say Never: The Justin Bieber Story today. Absolutely. [Tangent: Netflix Instant Queue makes it very easy to make impulsively frivolous viewing choices, so I should really only be half to blame.]

After hearing a lot of positive reviews and seeing posts on Facebook from friends with credible taste [Tangent: Not 12 year old girls] posting things like:

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Justin Bieber movie was actually kinda good." 


"Why am I crying at Never Say Never?" 

Realizing these aren't exactly claims for Oscar contention [Tangent: I don't think any movie that has ended in a 3 minute interactive karaoke of "Baby" in 3 dimension (and several languages) has ever been in the running.], I'm a curious gal and I needed some background entertainment, so thought, "why not? It's free." As I added it to my instant queue, I envisioned it as something trainwrecky and terrible that would fuel my distaste for some current popular music, but damned if the whole 3-D fiasco didn't make me fall in love with the little lovely locked hooligan.

Breaking News: Justin Bieber is actually really a nice young man who is somewhat of a musical savant. [Tangent: He is prolific in at least 3 instruments, and was keeping perfect rhythm when he was 2. Meanwhile, at that age, I was likely eating sandbox sand and wetting myself on the regular.] Trust me, it pains me to defend him, but now I feel its my civic duty to do so. Lets get this straight- I don't have "Bieber fever" and am not "a be-lieber" [Tangent: I am a grown woman and feel that kind of dedication to a 17 year old boy is unsettling from someone able to imbibe alcohol legally.], but I am very impressed at his level of normality and talent. It was definitely something I didn't expect. In fact, maybe me and the Biebs aren't so different...
We both really like purple. 
 I, too,  appreciate a good hoodie.
Both Justin and I will always look 12. 

We both sported similar hairstyles in recent years:

Don't get me wrong, I still am not exactly a big fan of his music, [Tangent: It's one of those situations where I am glad he has fame, because he deserves it...but I wish he could have had that fame farther down the line and thus would be able to take it seriously. Very few people can pull a Mandy Moore and somehow inexplicably go from vapid teen pop star to having some sort of cred. When did that happen exactly anyway?], but I will hereby stick up for him when I hear Bieber bashing [Tangent: Or at least not participate as eagerly.]. Don't mistake this for me starting to make heart hands in every photo taken of me or dabbing the Bieber fragrance on my pulse points. 

now I know who is responsible for this fad, and I'm not happy about it.


  1. i have been doing "heart hands" since before bieber was born. . . which is probably true, since he's in middle school.

  2. Justin just might be this generation's Prince; loves purple, short, musician, sex idol...

  3. i kind of love the song baby. so i am going to watch the movie.
    the fragrance picture kind of terrifies me. that creepy girl whispering in his ear and the vulva ish top is just too much.


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