Friday, January 13, 2012

luck of the polish.

As evidenced by the above date stamp and meme, today is the much dreaded Friday the 13th. [Tangent: My track record with the "holiday" is less than stellar. I was reminded the other day when I went to go visit one of my former Medical ICU nurses at Vanderbilt that Friday August 13, 2010- I was taken off the ventilator and then reintubated. I also learned that that near miss intubation went down in history there. Wow. I'm famous...and its for being hard to stick a tube down my throat. That's something I guess.] Because history has taught me so, I am trying not to tempt fate today, although fate is so far not being my bestie.

Perhaps I am not alone in this- but even if I am completely exhausted- if I know I HAVE to wake up for something, I can't sleep. I knew I had to be in Nashville by 8:45 on potentially icy roads for a doctor's appointment, so of course I couldn't get to sleep. So after a lot of sleepless repositioning and late night moves on Words With Friends, I boarded the train to sleepytown about 1:30 AM. Upon waking this morning, I found the following under my pillow:

This may look like a busted rubber band to some, which it is, but its the end of an era. [Tangent: Prepare to judge me by the following story, but I find it endearing and pretty evocative of the relationship I have with my ginger.] Back in July, my boyfriend and I were Targetting and trolling the $1 aisle, a past time we both enjoy a little too much, and came across the following: 

Of course, there is no question- these Garbage Pail Kids silly bandz needed to be bought BY US. I adopted the neon green fart band and Jamie of course took the poop band [Tangent: Even though we were both slightly perturbed by the silly bandz depiction of poop. It kinda looked more like chocolate soft serve ice cream. No one poops like that! But, I digress.] These juvenile pieces of elastic were a sweet, albeit twisted, depiction of commitment to one another, and today I broke mine.

fart band 
Aug 2011-Jan 2012

Thankfully, my fella misplaced his band a couple months back, [Tangent: This lead to a lot of joking that he was clearly cheating on me.] so I don't feel as bad about breaking it in my thrashing sleeplessness. 

This string of unfortunate events continued when I went out to my car to head out to the doctor in subarctic weather. As I repeatedly attempted to get my car to start, I was greeted by screeching and red lights flashing informing me simply that my car battery was dead. [Tangent: My car, not unlike myself is half robot and seriously lets it be known when it is malfunctioning.  I halfway expect it to start saying, "DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!"]
So because my car battery and my fart band have already bitten the dust, and its not even lunch time- I think I will hide under the covers today. I don't want my friend, fate, to get any ideas [Tangent: Especially given that the news just informed me that this year, Friday the 13th makes three appearances....all 13 weeks apart.]. To thwart it, I am pulling out the big guns- reverse psychology. Not only is it Friday the 13th- but I've decided that it's gonna be opposite day! 

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