Sunday, January 22, 2012

R&B today- straight buggin'

this will make sense in a minute.
 Sometimes I wish I had an internal video recorder that could put my dreams in a digital format to watch at a later time. Usually as I rub the sleep cracklins out of my eyes, all I can recall are strange bits and pieces. The other day I awoke with the following song (not heard in about 10 years) in my head:

I sang it all I brushed my I drove to I refilled my coffee mug with breakroom coffee. "Playas gon' play and hatas are gon' hate....ballas are gon' ball....shotcallas are gon' call...but that ain't got nothin' to do...with me and you but that's the way it is." [Tangent: But lets call a spade a spade- I am INSANELY white (and am not 100% what a shotcalla is) so I probably didn't sound so cool singing "Players are going to play" etc.]  So obviously, when I got settled at my desk, the operative thing to do was to make a new station on my Pandora radio - "Playas Gon' Play" radio.  [Tangent: My musical taste is all over the board and sometimes questionable, as evidenced by my Pandora station list. To be fair, the Buble and Halloween Party were for work...but the Nelly station is all my doing.]

While listening to the parade of R&B hits from my high school and early college years,  I made a lot of observations, which I scribbled on a giant post-it note throughout the workday. definitely says, "how do I know all the words to Willa Ford's I Wanna be Bad"

Although it wasn't that long ago that these songs were popular (the last 10-15 years), I felt there were a lot things that seemed ancient. They were the days before DVR, these were the days of AIM and TRL. This is my version of "liveblogging" my experience in nostalgia while grooving to "Playas Gon' Play" Pandora.

What happened to the phrase buggin? 

No people still use this term or do they just say "trippin'" now. [Tangent: Do people still say trippin? God...I am so outta touch with the kids.] Back in the day, buggin' was "the term." In fact, it gave way to John Leguizamo's House of Buggin [Tangent: I had to google that to make sure I wasn't making it up.] and my personal favorite Destiny's Child jam- Bug-a-boo

R.I.P pager references
I never realized how many references to pagers were made in popular music 10-15 years ago! I mean over and over again, my ears were harangued with allusions to paging and beepers. [Tangent: Pagers used to be a really big deal, and not just to medical professionals. Many of my friends got pagers when they turned 16. It was like a rite of passage- a trip to Beepers+ so you could have something to adorn the front pocket of your Tommy overalls.] Today these lyrics just don't have the same relevance they had when I was in high school:
Beep me 911
Or call me on my cell phone
I'll call you back
To see what you gon' tell me
You don't wanna date
No if's ands or waits
It's over babe
Also, my memory had completely fuzzed out the fleeting popularity of 2-way pagers as a form of communication, until I heard my Pandora station play a little gem of a ditty called Bump Bump Bump by B2K. [Tangent: Classy!]

Puff Daddy Saturation

Hey remember when J. Lo was being harassed for being vaguely racist and was dating Puff Daddy [ne Diddy....P. Diddy...Diddy Dirty Money...or whatever the hell he has deemed himself as of late] and Puff Daddy guested or produced nearly every song that was on the radio. I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss those days.

Sensitive Voiceovers 
Talking during songs is always one of my guilty pleasures. Although one of my favorites comes courtesy of Will Smith's son in the classic, Just the Two of Us [Tangent: "Now dad, this is a very sensitive subject...]- you cannot deny that sensitive voice overs are synonymous with the arbiters of syncronized sweater vests (and chronic ignorers of spelling/grammar) Boyz II Men:

Good Song from an Odd Soundtrack

Yep, that's The Rugrats movie getting put to music by the masterminds behind No Diggity. At the time, the idea that a Nickelodeon movie was spawning a radio hit didn't seem weird, but today it makes me giggle uncontrollably. When I was a freshman in high school, all my friends had a copy of the Space Jam soundtrack. Sure it was a movie starring Michael Jordon and Bugs Bunny playing some galactic basketball to free themselves from aliens, but it gave way to a metric shit ton of hits. [Tangent: I can only imagine many an ardent middle school declaration of adoration was made to the tune of "For you I will..." by Monica.]  Today, things are different. Soundtracks to family movies aren't the hit makers they once were. It would seem inconceivable that the Doctor Doolittle soundtrack was the reason I became familiar with Timbaland...which brings me to:

Baby cries in song...where did they go? 

I kinda miss them...and kinda wish Aaliyah was still alive to bring them back.

Truly, you don't know what ya got till its gone. Rest in peace, 90's/early 00's- you will be least by me.


  1. "Don't it always seem to go that ya don't know what ya got til it's gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" Sorry just had to do that. Now I've got 90's songs of all sorts in my head thanks to you.

  2. i always hated the baby crying in that song. SO MUCH.

    1. at the time i found it really its oddly endearing to me.


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