Monday, January 16, 2012

really, alexa?

Periodically, I get an itch in my britch and feel the need to learn about/expand the reach of this little puppy and pony show that I call a blog. [Tangent: Setting out to do an entire blog overhaul last week became a little daunting, I actually only really changed the font. It's now Georgia instead of Ariel. I know all of you are still adjusting to this HUGE groundbreaking difference. Don't the serifs give me more journalistic integrity? No? Oh well.] This weekend, I reached an exciting new milestone- I crossed the threshhold of having 100 people like That Girl In the Wheelchair on ye olde Facebook. [Tangent: I gathered 30 new "likes" in just the last 4 days, and more than half of those were complete strangers.] Its like I suddenly feel all the annoyances techniques I learned about in 4.5 years studying advertising are starting to become applicable. Thanks education! You da' best!

For some reason, I also checked out my ranking on and learned that my ranking among websites is 10,826,331th. Well, that's The rest of the website is a bunch of gobbletygook that my feeble mind can't process. The only real takeaway was this:

Yep! That's right, when people are questioning Barrack's bladder habits, they apparently find my blog helpful in finding answers. What an esteemed position to be in. It could be worse, they could be the people who have entered in the following recently popular search terms:

  • sharks in love with humans
  • flavored meth
  • Bowel girl
  • Jesus coming out of the sea glitter graphics
  • chainsaw chimp
  • Cher's body
  • Bacon clothes


  1. well thanks Kimmie. I didn't know about Alexa and now I know my blog is so unpopular there is not enough data to even do a statistic. WTF, math fail. I also realized that I am seriously, addicted to Bravo because my ridic mind corrected Alexa to Alexis from RHWOOC and thought OMG how did I miss the premiere?

    1. next time there is a RH marathon...i think I am just gonna come over to your house...this will likely be any number of days this week.

  2. i found you by searching bacon clothes. i'm still waiting for your opinion on that.

  3. flavored meth? is that the same thing as fun dip?


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