Monday, February 6, 2012

alanis experiment: vol 3- feels so good swimming in your stomach

now i will think of this everytime...

So I know I said that I was gonna complete my Alanis trilogy last week, but I got deflected with a barrage of other projects that kind of caught up with me all at once. Saturday, I found myself designing two logos and writing my first nationally published freelance magazine piece.  [Tangent: Not complaining in the least- I love projects. I live for them. Being abuzz with activity has always been my ideal scenario, but all these new endeavors have definitely strained some of my creativity that has been funneled towards this blog. I promise to be better...hopefully those will not be empty promises. When I don't blog I get anxious.] Hopefully, you were not on the edge of your seat wondering how my life was forever changed. My guess is you either (1.) Don't really care and find the whole project a complete self-absorbed waste of time. (2.) You've forgotten about it. [Tangent: Lucky (or not so lucky) for you, my mind is like fly paper. I remember everything.]

As I spent last week swimming through the 90s nostalgia [which I wrote about here and here], I hadn't considered that I would feel different, but I kinda do. Last week I was more somber and low-key than usual...perhaps too much introspection took place one day I just started crying with no provocation. Hate to blame Miss Morrisette for those tears...but I kinda do. Damn you for making me feel feelings.

After getting over the initial hump of the first couple days, the undertaking became easy. Putting on her album was like putting on an slightly over-sized flannel shirt, something comfortable and familiar from the 90s. Although it seemed to awkwardly fit and be a little unfashionable in today's world- it was the only thing I wanted to slip into everyday. I didn't have to make any choices because without fail, I set my Ipod to that setting everyday when I clocked into work.

I wish I could say this childhood idol worship made me a lifelong Alanis fan, but the weird thing is....I never bought another one of her albums. Part of me wanted her to live forever in the angsty vaccum that is "Jagged Little Pill". Even if her follow ups were fantastic, it wouldn't matter. I was spoiled. However every now and again, she pops up in something like this and I think "that's my girl!" 

Experiment over. I promise now I will go back to my regular scheduled blogging...

reading this just saved you $8. you're welcome.

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