Wednesday, February 29, 2012

happy hairy leap day

today is kind of a throwaway tell me if this is a throwaway blog.
Yesterday I was out playing bar trivia with my lovely fellow blogging friend Rae, and naturally the conversation turned to blogging. Apparently neither of us has anything more to discuss. [Tangent: That's totally a lie. She had already told me what happens at the end of the Twilight saga since I gave up on it because it was terrible. We also discussed Rupaul's musical career at length. We keeps it deep.]. I was commending her on her ability to photodocument vacations and weddings and my inability blog about the important stuff. I celebrated my new year by attending a 20's themed party. No blog. My best friend got married. No blog. My brother and his wife had a baby. No blog...till a month later. 

Apparently I am unable to wrap my brain about documenting big events in my life (or things that weigh heavily on my mind), yet I can circumnavigate the minutiae like a champ.  [Examples: I have written at least 3 posts that are all about bathroom habits...go figure.] In order to break this chain, I decided its time to tackle some hard hitting journalistic shizz on this leap day:  my boyfriend shaving his beard...

For exactly four months, my fella has hung up his razor and let his gingerry beard take over his face [Tangent: Crazy thick neck beard included.], all in the name of charity and frivolity.  To me its not weird. My boyfriend is like the Madonna of facial hair...he has many looks: his babyface which he thinks makes him look "murderry;" his moustache which he takes meticulous care of/pride in; and his impressive ginger beard.  

 Soapbox alert: I find it funny that many women have asked me if I "let" him do this or if he asked my permission. Seriously? It's his face. Hair is temporary, and his ability to regenerate stubble in a flash is second only to Shaving Fun Ken...

minus the awkward stoner why should it matter?  [Tangent: While youtubing, I found there was apparently a big shaving Ken doll fad in the mid 90s. This Cool Shavin' Ken came with Old Spice. I wish I was kidding.] Besides, I don't ask him what color I should paint my nails and why would place limitations on him?

LAME females...lame. Stop making the rest of us look bad. Let your fella do his thing. It's actually kind of lovely...its like having three different boyfriends, because he looks DRASTICALLY different with each incarnation. I'm like a monogomous polygamist. Fantastic.

Anyway, as much as I pretend it's a hassle to help stage picture concepts so he can keep an online log of his follicle growth...I secretly love it. Because I'm bidding it adieu for a while, today I am paying homage to some of my favorite Jamie beard looks from the past 4 months. [Tangent: Just for funzies- let's imagine it's like an American Idol homecoming montage of favorite moments set to some terrible Daughtry song.]

I pretty much love this one because it has all my favorite hairy ones in it featured prominantly

This looks totally natural.

If I am ever sad...I see this in my head.

problem child...all I'm sayin'

and my all-time favorite...

my entire family helped stage this photo. that's my gramp's sweater. I love everything about this.


  1. LOVE it! I love a good facial hair love story! :)

  2. hahaha, i thought about that "i'm coming home" song while look at those pictures. perfection.
    i was hoping you would blog about the dirty disney urban legends. i want to see what kind of searches lead to your blog after that.


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