Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've got a golden ticket

I like music. I love live music. Because of these obvious statements, I have learned a thing or two about being a concert goer....when to take pee breaks...where to sit and most importantly that the wheelchair can either be a HUGE asset or an even HUGER hinderence. [Tangent: The wheelchair card is not like a Visa card, it is not everywhere you want to be. ] Asset: Generally, the wheelchair seating is amazing and if it isn't, sometimes, some kind soul will pity you, perhaps thinking its your Make-A-Wish or something, and move you to the front. Hinderance: Stellar handicapped seats come in small quantities, so they are often snapped up quickly. Also, people are tall and I can't see shit behind anyone over 4'7.

Additionally, Ticketmaster, aka Mr. Monopoly, makes the handicappeds follow an altogether different process to buy tickets. When tickets go on sale to the public, I can't just buy tickets online, I have to put in an accessible ticket request and then wait sometimes as long as 24 hours to see if there were enough seats in their handi-bank to grant my request. This also usually means only one person can sit with me. Sucksville! For this reason,  I am ON MY GAME when ticket selling time comes along. I have googled the presale codes and have 900 alarms set so I can get them as soon as they go on sale.

So when I learned that Mumford & Sons were returning to Nashville and would be playing a 3 night stint at the Ryman, stoked was not the word..."stoked" implies that it is on the verge of incinerating. I was on fi-yah excited!
not unlike this gent with the Bart Simpson sheets
[Tangent: Since the first notes I heard sung by them 2 years ago, its been love. When I am going through a hard time, I crank up Sigh No More and feel that peaceful easy feeling. It's all I listened to when I was in the hospital...and I still sometimes cry when listening to it. Yep, I'm "that girl."] This made ticket getting imperative. Experiencing this live had to happen...hell I might even cry.  Even though there were three nights worth of tickets, its the Ryman- so its automatically a hot ticket. Why chance it? Tickets were going on sale Saturday at 10 AM, so I bounced out of bed to my alarm at 9:45 that morning ready to requests tix. As soon as the clock rolled off of 9:59, I put in a form for each day with the note "I will take any seat you have."

Minutes after putting in the three separate requests, I was getting a call from my friend Alex, "Um....they said they are out of tickets. They have nothing. I tried buying for all three days." She had to be kidding...there is no way tickets sold out in minutes for 3 nights worth of shows. To gain validation, I turned to the ultimate validator- Facebook where I saw an outrage of enormous proportions.

2/347 angry comments about the tickets being sold out so quickly. 

Because I can't buy scalped tickets easily, given they will not be "Kimmie friendly,"  in both the sense that they are $300+ and inaccessible- I was shit outta luck. Completely at peace with the fact that I would not be singing the Little Lion Man at the top of my lungs in March,  I moved on with my day, only slightly pissed. If this was the first time I had missed out on tickets [Tangent: Lest we forget the Flight of the Conchords debacle of '09. Usually I love Nashvillians and their passion for inherent music, except at times like these. Damn music loving Nashvillians!], that would be one thing...but it's old hat by this point. Also, hordes of angry villagers were readying their flaming pitchforks on Facebook, so I felt like they had that step of the grieving process handled. I decided to take the high road to acceptance. 

Then cut to Sunday morning, when I sleepily scrolled through my emails on my smartphone, before even completely wiping the eye boogers from my peepers [Tangent: My technically addiction is sickening.] I saw the following and seriously silent screamed for 1-2 minutes before power texting my boyfriend: Guess who is going to see Mumford & Sons??!?!?!

I am not sure how this happened, but I am not questioning it! Like I said earlier, this stroke of ticket luck is extremely rare. It can only be assumed that someone found some extra seats in an old purse or under their car cup holders, I mean that's where I find things all the time. For now, I will try not to implode from excitment and fend off the 347  345 angry fans on Facebook because....


  1. I know how it happened. a little andy cordan, a little threat of flamethrowers and molotovs... they better recognize.

  2. awesome! i'm so glad you get to go. i wanted to get travis tickets for his birthday but missed out too. i hate scalpers SO MUCH.

    1. well you got to see FOTC. We shall consider it even :)

  3. Wow! Divine intervention! Back in 2004 my friend and I got tickets to see Madonna but the seats were behind the stage. Bummer. Then that night, an angel disguised as a dude who worked in the arena, upgraded us to tickets on the floor for free! It was amazing!


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