Sunday, February 19, 2012

no...i think ill pass, cafepress

Because I like to have my hand in every pot possible, it should not surprise you that I have a cafepress site, Take Notice Shirt,  that I generally forget I have. [Tangent: It is very lucrative...if by very lucrative you mean making me $26.49 in the last 6 years.] It was one of my money-making schemes when I was post-college working in a panty store making $7 an hour....I haven't updated it in about 5 years and only remember it exists when I get periodic emails from Cafepress.

As of late, I have been getting several emails that more or less go like this:

Momentarily, I pretended to be offended and claim that I felt a bit pigeon-holed by their assumptions that just because I am disabled that I need to wear witty phrase tees. Then I thought, wait...who am I kidding, I both designed and ordered this baby, so that argument holds no water:
I wish I could say this is the only one I own...its not.
So being that I am apparently a witty phrase tee enthusiast, I decided that I should finally check out these "wheelchair shirts" that other folks have designed, especially given my inherent inability to resist bargain -basement pricing. As I scrolled through the pages of shirts, I found definite trends. If you are in the market for a disability themed shirt [Tangent: You aren't.] then likely the design will fall into one of three categories.

1. Inspirational and/or cheese dick: 
this caters to the smallest demographic ever: female wheelchair cellists
2. Perversion with the handicapped symbol:

3.  WTF? :

what does this even mean?

As you may have guessed, I opted out of buying any of these t-shirts....although this one was fairly tempting...
Happy shopping!


  1. I've thought about it long and hard but "nipple cripple"? What could that even mean?


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