Sunday, February 19, 2012

VD review.

I know I am a week late on a Valentine's post...I suck. Last year I was single and had four! [Tangent: They weren't all bitter berries and angst either, they were thought provoking exposes on the holiday: here, here, here and here. Ok- it's get real time; they were kinda angsty but definitely only 28% bitter berries. ] This year I have a an official valentine and no official Valentine's post. What up wit dat? Once again, I reiterate- I suck...and apparently like to type in outdated ebonics. 

How did I celebrate? My boyfriend and I celebrated our love over the joys of beer gravy and giant organic hamburgers at The Pharmacy in East Nashville, at 4:30. HOT! [Tangent: Because we are both roughly 87 and wanted to beat the V-day craziness, we decided early bird dining was a must. And btw- wholeheartedly recommend the Pharmacy...mostly because I love a ridiculous sloppy burger and misleading business names.] By roughly 6:30, for reasons completely unrelated to beer gravy, I felt like I was going to vomit all over my fella.  Although that act would make a charming kodak memory for our scrapbooks, I opted to go home and pass out instead of being a good girlfriend and spending the rest of the Hallmark holiday spending time with him. Have I mentioned I suck?
you can practically hear my stomach churning in this particularly unflattering photo of me.
Truth be told, I have always really liked Valentines day. It's fun, you eat chocolates with mysterious centers and try to pull off wearing pink and red together- a real kick in the crotch. In addition to having a new valentine his year, I found even more reasons to appreciate February 14: Ridiculous online Valentines. [Tangent: I feel like my coworkers and I invented these years ago when we had the concept of CSI Valentines. Ex: "I've seen inside your aorta, and I like what I see." or "Let's get busy and break out the black light." Classy, I know.]

These are some of the winners that I came across on VD [Tangent: not venereal disease.]:

Dictator Valentines are the perfect way to share your love.

this made me laugh for 20 minutes. Check out the others for next year.
How can you not love golden girls valentines!
My fella found these Breaking Bad ones for me. Saying I love you with meth is a beautiful thing.
I don't even watch Game of Thrones, but I can't resist Eunich humor. Who can?

This is perfect.

love. love. love. 

...for the Criminal Minds enthusiast in me from my fictitious crush, Rubbish Zine has made some pretty funny ones.

Tom Haverford and Andy would both make stellar Valentines
My friend, Alicia, gave me the one in the center designed by Elliot Quince.  Entrails really do say it all.

Lost Valentines say I love you to those that are still pissed off about the series finale [Tangent: That's a huge chunk of folks!]
I hope this belated posting has made you realize that this obligational holiday, which I love, can be celebrated 365 days a year. This is especially true if like myself, on the 19th of February, you are eating 75% off peanut cups and watching the V-day episodes of Glee off the DVR


  1. have you seen the law and order svu valentines? he does new ones every year. i LOVE THEM

    1. Those were amazing...totally stealing. I love the random Bob Sagat...naturally


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