Friday, March 2, 2012

sugar high

this encapsulates how I felt yesterday!
Yesterday, betwixt the stack of Bath & Body Works coupons and random bills, I got the extremely rare piece of fun mail! When I spied the mystery package with my name on it, I scoured my memory to see if I had impulsively bought something online...its been known to happen.

Luckily, my bank account was spared. My lovely friend, Amber, had for no particular reason ordered me a ridiculous, yet amazingly thoughtful gift to satisfy my inner fat kid and lover of 90s nostalgia. [Tangent: Have I mentioned how much I love gifts for no reason...especially from sweet friends that are on the opposite side of the planet?] In the pretty blue box, possibly as exciting as one from Tiffany's, was the following:

Yeah...I know... that's a lot of sugar..and not just sweets, but straight up lickable diabeetus. [Tangent: ...that is in NO way a complaint! If anything, I was impressed and overwhelmed. I'm in no way embarassed that me and Wilford Brimley will probably have matching BFF tats in the near future.]

 As I pilfered through childhood delicacies like Ring Pops, War Heads and the ever-elusive Nerd Rope [Tangent: .... which answers the age-old question, "what would it taste like if you encrusted a gummi licorice substance with nerds?"], digging for the ginormous box of Runts to share with my fella, who for some bizarre reason likes banana ones, I became nostalgic.  The blood glucose levels skyrocketed and I was flooded with memories of going to town pouches of Fun Dip at the ballpark or the Skate Center or at the pool in the summertime, all the while probably listening to Kiss From A Rose. 

Despite having just about everything in that box, there were a couple other items that weren't in there that should have been:

I couldn't find an actual photo of the Thumb-sucker, but I loved these. So disturbing in retrospect.

Unfortunately, my palette has gotten slightly more advanced since the days of Pop Rocks and Coke experiments. After a quarter box of Runts, I started getting decided the rest of these treats would have to wait till another day....maybe by then I could acquire a dusty can of Crystal Pepsi or Josta.

In the meantime I will leave you with this awkward youtube find of a girl reenacting this scene from Empire Records in her bedroom:


  1. ummm the banana ones are the best ones. you are crazy.
    i had completely forgotten about those thumb suckers! so gross! i always used to beg my mom for those!

  2. I am happy for your sugar high but can we talk about that awkward girl in the video? At the risk of sounding super old...what was the point? I kept thinking, okay at some point she will sing and contribute but nope. Nada. What gives?

    1. I have no idea. I found it rather disturbing and had to share.

  3. I don't remember the Gatorgum. Does it have electrolytes like Gatorade?

  4. I love that first picture so much I reverse image looked it up on google, and now I feel bad for laughing about it since the little girl is blind and they took her to an awful "studio" ha.


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