Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i'm free...freelancin'

I am currently medicated and hurting like hell, but no more gallbladder!!!!! While I was in the hospital [Got home yesterday] away from blogging and under a veil of narcotics, I had some older pieces published by other blogs. They are both music review assignments that haven't been published before. Pretty exciting. Hope you enjoy! Back to bed.

Music Review: Her Nashville springtime tunes

Album Review: i heart the road.


  1. You're free! It's like the 4th of July in April. Ooh, sparklers!

    Haha love the meme! I've been deaf for 5 years but still quote lyrics on my FB. Wonka so gets me.

  2. Hope that you're feeling better now!

  3. Still hope that you're doing well. Missing your posts!

  4. You're wearing a Northface jacket? You're so adventurous.


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