Tuesday, April 10, 2012

survey says: the feud gets x-rated

You know when you stumble across something on television and watch it as more or less as a space filler until something better comes on, and then your life changes. OK, maybe you don't- but it kinda happened to me last week. 

As I may have mentioned, I love game shows and game show culture. Not to the degree that I am gonna get all pilled up and become one with the TV like that woman in Requiem for a Dream, but when I have a purse full of junk, I often think of how I would kick ass at Let's Make a Deal. That's the distinction. [Tangent: By the way, while we are on Let's Make a Deal....am I the only one that thought the contestants actually got to keep the zonks!?! Like I thought they really won the donkey or the junkie car. As a child I considered a donkey an amazing prize. My innocence was lost when I realized this was untrue.]
why is a llama a zonk!??! I want a llama!

Well, the other day somewhere between a Storage Wars marathon and my new obsession My Strange Addiction, [Tangent: I love the idea that someone can eat 2-4 bottles of nail polish a day, intermittently cleaning the lacquer of their chompers with nail polish remover, and not realize this process is harmful to their health. ] I decided to fill my time with an old episode of one of my personal standby favorites- Family Feud. Thank god by boyfriend and sister were there as witnesses, because I feel otherwise no one would believe me.

I will set the stage for you, it was a sassy black family vs a very repressed white family, who earlier blushed when the sassy ones answered "Orgasm" to "what is something people refer to as 'the big one'?" It was a good answer, no need for embarrassment! This same very repressed bunch stole the round with "penis" so go figure. [Tangent: I will say when Steve Harvey replaced Al Borlen/J. Peterman/Louie Anderson as the host of The Feud, shit got real.]

Anyway, in the Double round, the question was "What is something you put on before sex?" [Tangent: I told you, The Feud has gotten scandalous. I love it!] Some answered lingerie or soft music, and then justifiably so, someone had a responsible answer: condom. Only when Steve Harvey said, "Show me condom," this is the phrase that showed up as #1 on the board:

Cue a giggle fit for me. Really, the folks at the feud thought "dong sarong" was a more wholesome term for a condom. Wow. Don't believe me, apparently those on twitter agreed:


  1. ahahaha, that is so awful! i hate the word dong.

  2. Oh gosh...I had wondered if the Feud had gone that way. I'm trying to remember what the suggestive question was that they had the time that I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I actually went into the kitchen and told my husband, "You'll never guess what they just said on Family Feud!" My grandmother would have a fit. That used to be her favorite show and she said she loved "the kissing man" Richard Dawson. She would be on the edge of her lazy boy when that show came on. He was smarmy but it was kind of an undercover smarmy.

  3. p.s. Have you noticed that the models on Let's Make A Deal (the current version) make little kid beauty pageant faces when they show items? It's creeeeepy. I guess that's where the Toddlers and Tiaras kids will end up. Denying people their prize llamas on Let's Make A Deal.

  4. Sounds like you need to go on Family Feud!


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