Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doug loves movies and me.

While most people I know were spending their Memorial Day posting American flags/bald eagle/troops montages on Facebook or imbibing boxed wine aboard a pontoon boat (usually both), I was at Zanie's sweatin' my arse off watching/geeking out over movies...Doug Benson and Co. and their 4:20 podcast recording of Doug Loves Movies to be more exact. [Tangent: For some odd reason, for someone that has never smoked the weed, pothead culture seems to follow me.]

Prior to the taping, I had only listened to one or two Doug Loves Movies pod casts [Tangent: Since then- I have listened to LOTS MORE...but I basically knew the drill. He plays games with his funny celebrity guests that all revolve around movie trivia.] Thankfully, my friend Ryan reminded me that we needed to make name tags in order to be eligible for glamorous prizes. Because I was internet-less at the time, I spent an afternoon photoshopping at Jamie's to make these dream name tags a reality [Tangent: I also found this key forgotten Mac & Me scene which should bring some ridiculous to your day!] :

Apparently my front row obnoxious shameless name tag air waving and an amazing Mac & Me concept paid off because Graham Elwood picked my tag and kicked ass at the Leonard Maltin Trivia Game. I guess it couldn't hurt that I twitter-stalked Doug Benson prior to taping.

I won't give everything away, because I want you all to go listen to his podcast HERE. But I did get some stage banter where they talked about who would play me in the inspirational role of ballsy bad ass wheelchair girl.  [Tangent: Mila Kunis? She's my girl I'd go gay for. Perfect! Even though I was shouting "Christopher Reeves" one heard.] I consider this my 15 seconds of fame, so let me wallow in it and exploit it as much as possible.

I told Doug to autograph my CD with something wildly inappropriate. His autograph was simple: "9/11!"

me and my pal Nina and her Danny Glover homage name tag

me and Jamie and Graham Elwood, who now follows me on twitter so I better get a RT, and a bag o' prizes (why does my arm look like a buffalo wing? This is why I am trying to gain weight.)

my insane prizes. i think i may go eat those sour skittles right now...

Once again, you should definitely go check out the Doug Loves Movies pod casts which are anywhere from free to $1.99 on itunes! It is worth the cost.

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  1. i think i need to start signing things "9/11"
    there is an episode of the colbert report where you can here me go "wooooooo!" when he makes a david bowie reference. my 15 seconds of fame. haha.


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