Friday, June 29, 2012

forgetful jones: the nerdy spokesmodel

this is a muppet named "forgetful Jones"...I found it whilst googling forgetful images...this will all make sense at some point. Right now it just looks like a creepy mustachioed cowboy seducing a toddler.
I remember everything.....I remember that I wore a lime green headband, a rainbow striped baby tee and ill fitting white shorts to my first day of high school orientation. I remember all of the words to each song we sang in my 5th grade play. [Tangent: This was realized when I performed an impromptu living room concert for my boyfriend a couple weeks ago.] I also remember nearly every line to Billy Madison, Clueless, Coming to America and Mean Girls.  All this brain real estate is overwhelmed with such minutiae that I can't remember actual awesome things that have happened until I am reminded of them later.

This decention into dementia has become blaringingly kick in the crotch obvious as of the last year or so. You see, at least once every couple of months, I get a text from someone saying they have seen me on a poster at somewhere or another and I have to remind myself that I posed for a MTSU READ poster nearly five years ago and that they are still scattered hither and yon so I am forever 23. [Tangent: Don't misunderstand this as a humblebrag. Although I do think its the apex of nerdy awesomeness to be a poster child for reading, I am not trying to brag about it.] It was such a bizarre experience to go back to my alma mater a couple years post grad and sit in front of the UC pretending to read a book you have never seen until that day. Its doubly weird that this scenario has been eternal sunshine'd from my mind...until it is brought to my attention via text message. [Tangent: I have yet to pull off something I have wanted to do for years, which is put on the same outfit I wore in the picture and check out that book from the James Walker MTSU Library and go hang out in front of my poster.]

No..this isn't photoshopped. Sorry for the poor was really hard to find proof on the interweb and i didn't feel like digging for my actual poster

Then while waiting to see Doug Benson at Zanie's, a girl I used to have a bunch of Art classes with came over to take my drink order. While introducing her to my fella, I explained that I knew her because she was a former classmate and she then intervened, "And you were in my documentary. Your part was actually really funny." Wait, hold the effing phone, I would think I would remember if I was in a documentary. [Tangent: If I had remembered this nugget I could have been bragging about it since 2005. It would give me some kind of indie cred...because spoiler alert: knowing all the words to the Full House theme gets me none...and neither does using the term "spoiler alert".]  I was dubious that her claims were unfounded, but after she mentioned that it was about the tearing down of the MTSU Art Barn circa 2005, some nebulous flashback came back of perhaps answering questions while a camera was aimed in my general direction. [Tangent: I wish I could say I was "totally buzzed" or was addicted to pills that semester, which would account for the lost memory, but I am as edgy as a butter knife.] Of course I had to see the final product, to see what a train wreck my appearance was so I gave her my address and she sent me a DVD copy.

Initially, I had wanted to view it alone, because I hate the sound of my I needed to cringe with no one watching me, but I soon decided that it would be better if I had moral support so I called in Jamie and my mom [Tangent: The latter of whom was angry that I made my film debut in ripped jeans]. Other things I sometimes forget about that I remembered while watching: I used to have a nose ring and apparently dressed like a 14 year old boy. You will have to imagine it because I can't find the dvd.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss afterall.

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  1. haah, i need a copy of that poster. actually, i need a copy of a picture of you posing in front of that poster in the same outfit. DO IT!!! i love the mental image of all the freshmen coming into the library and seeing you pose in front of that in the same clothes.


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