Tuesday, June 12, 2012


this is approx how I felt yesterday when AT&T guy left

So kids, I have internet now. Let us rejoice and be glad that I can once again blog without having to do so at the Brentwood Public Library. [Tangent: where I have to sometimes share a study table with 2 handsy pre-teens that consider a library date hella romantic. Who doesn't?] Luckily, the vacation from wireless was eased because I gave in and joined the legions of iphone users that happily don their cars with apple stickers. [Tangent: I am not one of those sticker people quite yet, but It was only a matter of time. My i-family which includes Bernie Mac (my MacBook Pro) and Bea Arthur (my silver ipod) was looking to expand.] Because I have never been fond of instruction manuals, I spend most days fumbling with it and trying to break myself of my android habits, while intermittently dropping it and expecting to see a cracked screen because my adorable etsy case hasn't come in yet. [Tangent: Damned if that glass exterior isn't slippery.]

Another favorite past time is pissing off Siri! When she consistently didn't understand what I was trying to ask of her [Tangent: I do mumble.] I called her an asshole...which apparently my robotic voiced assistant is none too keen on because she put me in my place by telling me that it was uncalled for. I haven't really used her for anything practical yet, aside from daily telling her "I want a milkshake." In response she usually just tells me there is a Sonic nearby. [Tangent: I am trying to gain a few pounds because my gall bladder woes left me looking a little like Skeletor minus the cod piece, so milkshakes are a hot topic of discussion in my life. My signature one is half and half, dark chocolate ensure and vanilla ice cream. I'll admit, this nutrition change is making the fat kid inside me squeal with delightment.]
only less ripped and more gaunt Sally Strothers child
 Aside from directing me to fast food eateries and telling me where to bury a dead body [Tangent: Try it...its fun!], Siri has done her share of sucking up to her new boss...

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