Saturday, June 30, 2012

note to selfie...i will miss alex.

 Remember like circa 2010 when I wrote one of my first blogs about my ridiculous coworker/friend Alex. Well in just 2 handfuls of  days, she is leaving my place of business and moving to Costa Rica for three months...meaning she will no longer be just a few desks away ever again. My selfish feelings of "who am I going to text with about terrible pop songs?" and "who am I gonna have email back and forth convos where we try to outcrazy each other with things we find on etsy?"  are diminished because she is leaving me to go work with orphans. [Tangent/Shameless plug: If you wanna read about her journey or throw some money at her to help fund her mission....Visit her blog site: Aly Around the World.] I know - trumped by orphans....wait, that would make a fantastic band name!

As stated before, Alex and I couldn't be more different   [Tangent: She likes Nickelback and Toby Keith and believes women belong in the kitchen...but don't hold that against her. She is awesome and probably the most non judgemental person I know...I mean when you like can't be!] yet so much alike. We're both shameless and embrace anything that would fall under the umbrella of complete randomness...evidenced by the fact that Facebook says we have 92 friends in common and conversations like this:

Alex: Anytime I eat a spinach leaf salad, I feel like a dinosaur.

Me: Whenever I eat baby corn....I feel like a giant.
Plus,  she was one of my first friends when I started the descent into Insuranceland so I am not sure how working without her is gonna be. [Tangent: I should add that the way I knew we should be friends is because I overheard her in the break room one day saying that she cut her hair, she took to the salon a picture of the winner of Rock of Love. Yes....that Rock of Love.] I can only assume quieter and more productive.

There are many things I will miss about my friend while she is it took me some thinking to figure out the proper sendoff...when it inspiration struck me. One thing that I tease her about is that she is the queen of "sultry selfies" [Tangent: Selfies are those pictures you take of yourself...sometimes making duck lips or just in plain trying to look hot that are then made into instagram or profile picture. They are usually taken in glamourous places like a bathroom or a driver's seat of a car.] Until getting an iPhone and having the option to turn the camera to face me, I never could pull these off, whereas Alex has somehow always been aces at it.. [Tangent: Generally the few times I attempted,  I was left with an upshot up my nose and my left ears. You have to have long arms to pull these off. Something I lack.] So to honor her trip, I decided that I would post some of the selfies she has included me in over the past 4 years.

...and this overdramatic goodbye...which I know she will appreciate...


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