Thursday, June 14, 2012

revenge of the nerd

Once again, I had a meaningful blog near completion, when I got pulled off topic by facebook absurdity [Tangent: And for once I am not talking about the people who tell you what they are eating everyday. No I don't care about your tuna sandwich, but it's your prerogative to document it's existence. I am also not talking about the amount of passive aggression that goes down on facebook. Ex: I really hate it when someone who calls himself your friend goes behind your back and makes out with your girlfriend at the Steeplechase.] I had just logged on to leave a status and saw this hiding in my margins alongside an ad telling me so and so "liked" Helman's Mayonaise so I should, too.

This is just one of those things you cannot "unsee" which led me to begin furiously [or is it Furry-ously] google "adult animal robe," which by the way is one of those things you probably shouldn't google around the kids. Just a helpful tip. [Tangent: Also stay away from seemingly innocuous things like "water sports" or any phrase like "animal lover."] I soon learned that the ads were advertising this product...and that this product indeed existed. Viva la adult plush onesie!

You may be thinking, "Why is everyone Asian?" [<--- No, that's not racist.] Well the reason is because these aren't furry suits exactly, but are apparently being marketed to the Anime/Cosplay community....which is an area of pop culture I know absolutely nothing about.

I realized this when I spent my Easter weekend at the Tattoo and Horror Convention in downtown Nashville, which was sharing a venue with the Anime convention. [Tangent: If you haven't seen a guy in a homemade Pikachu costume walking down clearly are not living.] I mean I figured Anime was all big eyed nonsensical cartoons that sent Japanese kids into epileptic fits. As I learned by momentarily getting lost in the Nashville convention center, My Little Ponies and even Alice in Wonderland characters were considered Anime.

 If I cared, I probably would have learned something....but I don't. Anyway I was too busy getting my picture taken with Robert Carradine at the Tattoo and Horror Convention [Tangent: Lets just gloss over the fact that the man who played Lewis Skullnik and Lizzie Mcguire's Dad is not the first person you would expect to see at a convention where every other person has a neck tat.]
I realize that this picture would look better if I was dressed in a kangaroo onesie, but I'll just have to save that for when I get my picture taken with Anthony Edwards or the guy that played "Booger."


  1. i want the kangaroo one! that pocket seems so useful. i don't like how saggy in the crotch department they are though (and you are welcome for a new creepy phrase that will get you massive hits)

    1. That sounds like a cabinet position. The Crotch department.


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