Monday, June 25, 2012

steve harvey keeps it real: part deaux

While I was going through the gall bladder recovery of 2012, I fell into a very predictable daily routine. This routine usually revolved around finding some kind of marathon on Bravo, the History Channel or A&E and having it carry me into my evening programming: Jeopardy and the Feud. [Tangent: I know...I know...I lead a rich life.]

Previously, in this post,  I have written about the train to crazy town Family Feud has taken since Steve Harvey took over hosting duties with Joey Fatone as his announcer. [Tangent: Yep, that's right THAT Joey Fatone. I am curious as to what he and J. Timberlake would talk about over dinner nowadays.  "Ya know the usual I am marrying Jessica Beal and am one of the most sought after musicians of our time. And sometimes just for shits and giggles I make cameos on SNL...but how's that disembodied voice on a syndicated game show gig going?"]
the thin beard...oh the humanity!
If you aren't an avid Feud watcher...maybe per chance you have a life, you don't realize how ridiculously blue the show's questions have gotten. It's almost as if producers are purposely trying to stack the deck in their favor for one of those "Funniest Game Show Moments" shows.

Part of me doesn't believe that they are even polling 100 people anymore...I just kinda figured they are looking for any excuse to use the word "dong" on syndicated TV.  Don't believe me???

Exhibit A: 

What is something a person might do before they weigh themselves to make them appear thinner?

 Exhibit B:

What is someplace "hidden" someone might get a tattoo? 

I hope this reinforces my theory that The Feud is produced by a group of 14 year old boys, and thus the greatest game show in existence.

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