Monday, June 25, 2012

these people A.R.E family

Last weekend, I got to go to my Valhalla, which happens to be in Gainesboro, Tennessee. Freezing cabins...bugs...90+ degree temperatures outside...but it was utter bliss. I have never laid on a mattress that is possibly made of cornhusks and vinyl and been so incredibly at peace. 

Where was this mystical land where sweating the small stuff becomes insanely hard to do? A.R.E Camp of course. The Alliance for Recreational Empowerment or A.R.E began about 2 years ago when the dream for a place where all kids and young adults with disabilities could have a base support group of volunteers and older people [Tangent; LIKE ME!] who all work together became a reality. [Tangent: I know some people throw around the term family very casually, but everyone at A.R.E camp is someone that I know I could count on if I needed something. Through times of mourning or utter joy- we are united.] The week is filled with singing and dancing and hair dying and pranks and craft projects and tanlines. All the things that camp should be about...wheelchair or no wheelchair.

Unfortunately this year was bittersweet, due to my vacation time being sucked up by medical issues, I could only stay for the weekend. I was so sad leaving my girls behind so I had to live the rest of the week vicariously through pictures posted on facebook by my snap-happy friend Rachel. After looking through these, I dare you not to get involved.

Feeling moved to get involved?


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  1. ESC is like that too. ESC is Easter Seals Camp. I'd give a lot to be able to still go.


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