Wednesday, June 20, 2012

zooversary 2012

Last night at Flying Saucer Trivia night, my friend and fellow blogger, Rae, TOTALLY called me out on my inconsistency of blogging lately so I am semi doing this blog today as a big "SEE!" to Miss Rae. 

Since i was MIA there is a long list on my new robo phone of things that I Had been meaning to write about while internet-less. So lets have a "wayback wednesday" where I write about something that happened last month. Lets think of it like an episode of Lost- this would be like a flashback. [Tangent: Only my blog doesn't leave you angry...hopefully...]

Last month, I celebrated one year since the day I met my ginger. [Tangent: Yep...that's right. I have mindfreaked him into staying with me for over 365 days without having to sever his limbs off or chain him to a drain pipe. Clearly I have been watching too much Criminal Minds as of late.]  

How did two cosmically nerdy/awesome people stumble upon each other? It's kind of a ridiculous story and one I have never blogged about, so I thought I should share. Here goes.

Jamie and I met when I was a registered lurker on a Moustache May website that a couple of my male friends were participating in [Tangent: yeah...let that sink in. I know it sounds weird like I have some odd fetish...which is not entirely true. The truth is, I wanted to be able to comment on pictures so I joined the other sisters, wives, folliclly inferior friends and significant others that were on the site as registered lurkers.] I had seen his pictures and thought he was ridiculous and seemed nice enough. What can I say, this photo intrigued me: 

A couple days into may and a few back and forth comments later, and I started following him on Twitter and after reading through his backlog (because i am a teench stalkery). We had a casual back and forth about music. [Tangent: He was impressed that I could name a Tom Waits song and liked Americana music...and I enjoyed the fact that his grammar was impeccable and he never used web wackronyms like lol. Plus, as mentioned time and time again- gingers are my kryptonite.] Based on simply the fact that he seemed like a fun guy, I invited him to come eat taco-y goodness before this moustache party that we both were planning on attending. He got a bit tipsy and kept messaging me that he missed me and wished I would come back after I left. 

After a courtship revolving around passive flirtation via Twitter and endless games of cell phone scrabble, we decided to go on an actual date. I guess the rest is history.

To celebrate one year of happiness, we decided to do something we both have been talking about doing since day one- spend a day at the Nashville Zoo. [Tangent: I haven't been to the zoo since I was young and my friend's father referred to two lions mating as "lions making love" which for some reason is a phrase that will never be erased from my consciousness.] Aside from seeing these awesome animals, which I immortalized via instagram, to make my photography skills seem less shitty.

this guy loved to pose.

i wanted to ride him

 This last picture probably has the best story behind it.  Not unlike the lions when I was a child, these long necked animals were about to make least the male was. It was really uncomfortable to one minute just be watching a mama, a baby and a daddy giraffe walk around a pseudo-savannah and then realize, "whoah...that giraffe has a boner!" We were not alone hanging out being peeping toms...seeing if the lady giraffe was gonna go for it [Tangent: ...or if they were gonna go at it right in front of their baby.] there were several others that noted the new development and weren't going anywhere. The people next to us brought their toddler, who was already getting bored with the giraffes following each other around, when the parents tried to quiet the kid with a juicebox they were whipping out their camera phones and giggling like 12 year olds. [Tangent: This was not the only memorable moment. I now know what an albino wallaby erection looks like, and I saw a goose attack a group of Asian children...but to be honest they were asking for it. All of these seemed like reasons to become a season pass holder.]

However, the real highlight involved no animals at was the Dinotrek exhibit...which was basically a bunch of animatronic dinosaurs hidden in the woods that made strained dino-sounds or squirted water or something to that degree. It was as much fun as $5 surcharge can buy you...if nothing else than for the ability to take ridiculous pictures like these. 

  Ok. I will leave you with one of my favorite videos...and promise to be more consistent...

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  1. 1. Cute dress!!
    2. I remember that zoobooks commercial- dubbed is pretty funny.
    3. Congrats on 1 year! (:


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